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Working Mothers

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Gleb Moses
Gleb Moses

[S2E8] A Day At The Beach

Contractor Scott and I pulled up the tile and saw the slab underneath, we realized that the foundation was in great shape. So we moved full speed ahead and put in beautiful laminate hardwood floors that are light, bright and beachy but durable and water resistant. Installing all new flooring cost $6,500. Adding in cozy furniture with a California casual feel makes this the perfect hub for the family to relax and spend time together.

[S2E8] A Day at the Beach

LaGuerta and Doakes walk on the beach together and discuss the BHB investigation. After she tells him that he'll likely be brought in for questioning, Doakes expresses his desire to quit the force. LaGuerta then suggests that he become a security contractor, and agrees to set up a meeting with a friend of hers in the industry. 041b061a72


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