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Joseph Howard
Joseph Howard

Bram The Toymaker

As I said, the diary was written by my great-great-great-great grandfather, Edward, in the late 18th century from what we can tell. It recounts his involvement in the murder of Bram, a toymaker, and his wife, Rose. Eerie, right?

Bram The Toymaker

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Let me tell you a story, little one. There was once a toymaker who lived in a dark forest. He makes your toys, yes, but he always wants more. He may not seem so dangerous to you, with limping legs and severed arms. But sharp of wit, with sharper teeth, he needs not a hand to catch his prize.

A creepy bedtime story or a terrifying physical entity? The story goes that the toymaker is an undead figure who comes out at night and leaves a toy at the child's room window to lure and capture them. When Blake finds an old hidden journal, he discovers that a folk tale passed down through the generations in his family may hold some dark secrets. He embarks on a journey to find out what's behind his ancestor's mysterious diary. Return to your family roots, deep in a long-forgotten remote 18th-century village called Grimmville, where time has stood still. When you reach the abandoned mansion, you suddenly find yourself trapped as soon as you set foot inside. Equipped with a flashlight, you have to explore the rooms. Some of them are escape room style. Your main goal is to look for clues to solve timed puzzles that will give you the necessary items to continue advancing and find your way out.

A lot of products are simply the end result of the sort of work that someone might otherwise sell as a service. When you buy a toy at the store, you could have also paid a toymaker for the service of creating that toy and the materials necessary to do so. But some services are better suited to being transformed into products than others. There are certain signs worth looking for. 041b061a72


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