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Gleb Moses

[S6E12] Labyrinth

With six years ofprecise, loving world-building Yost has created a labyrinth of backstories andhistories that he and his cast can mine (sorry) for either comedy or tragedy orboth. Unsurprisingly, the man tasked with embodying Raylan for six years says it best himself:

[S6E12] Labyrinth

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Thought to include more than 3,000 rooms full of hieroglyphs and paintings, the underground complex was indeed a massive structure. In 2008, Belgian and Egyptian archaeologists visited the labyrinth and validated the existence of a subterranean temple close to the Pyramid of Amenemhat III.

The upcoming storyline of the season will take the story forth from the 27th floor. As suggested by the title of the second part, this one will take the entire team into chaos of the labyrinth. However, one thing that is assured in any case is the fun and games. Thus, keep reading further to know how the story unfolds. 041b061a72


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