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For that time period, I would have to say that Long Binh was modeled after most large military bases, containing recreational opportunities to distract you from the fact that you were counting the days until you could return home. Unlike the military bases in Germany, for example, there was no family housing at Long Binh because Vietnam was a war zone. My husband was stationed at Binh Thuy, a much smaller base that lacked most of the niceties of Long Binh. At Binh Thuy, my husband witnessed the prevalence of heavy drug abuse among the enlisted ranks and was relieved to return stateside in 1972 after 7 months in country. The Vietcong hit the base ammo dump with mortar rounds, resulting in the destruction and abandonment of the base.

BN - Family Dick 21.mp4


on long binh 1971 with the 632nd heavy equipment in the sweat shop you know what i mean.when we stood down i was transfered to the 47th. trans and i was running jp 4 to firebase melanie.18 years old and pulling tankers of that stuff alone.was never afraid full of piss and vinegar.left to go back to the world to fort devens early out to go in the guards and stayed in for a few almost 68 and 100% agent orange disabled for about five years.severe diabetes and heart disease.did not know why i was sick all the time.had to raise a family so i never went to the doctors.found out about the law passed in 1991 about boots on the ground and i filed all my papers for disability.took them 5 years to work with me,they lost my paperwork took the d.a.v.and the purple heart foundation working for me .they found my files

Respect to all who served our country during times of war and peacetime.My father, Robert Jones, was commander at Camp Camelot for the 71st Transportation (at the time a Major). I believe it was during 1966-1967 but may be off by 1 year. I have enjoyed looking at the photos and slides he took during his time during the Korean and Vietnam wars.Unfortunately, my dad has passed 11 years ago and miss him dearly.Glad to see the folks who served, or family, sharing here.Bless you all!

Beaumont, E. (2004). An empirical study of family group visitors to a millennium art gallery in the UK (Publication No. 2561899289) [Doctoral dissertation, University of Salford]. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. 041b061a72


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