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Edgar Nikitin
Edgar Nikitin

Patriarch Mod 8 Fix.7z

Has Advantages: General Spell Absorption, Immunity to Magic, Extertise in Short Blade, Increased Magery x3 and Athleticsiscm. Disadvantages: Critical Weakness to paralysis and Poison, Forbidden materials Elven and Orcish, and forbidden weapons Axe and Missile. Great reputation with everyone and ALL bribes for totem. Most of the money was received from stealing stuff from the Odd Blades. Most levels and stats attained with an editor. Is a patriarch in all temples but Zen and Dibella, a Paladin for the knights of the Dragon, an Arch-mage, and a master thief AND assasin. Owns a large boat and is well into the main quest.David A. Uhen

patriarch mod 8 fix.7z

Download Zip:

* The sword can now cure you of Porphyric Hemophilia, which is very handy if you catch the vampire disease while battling vampires (you have to kill a vampire to get the disease removed), but the sword now also cannot be used by anyone who is a vampire (if you try, you'll get a very nasty surprise). * Count kills of all vampires from any mod rather than just OOO vampires. * Adds kill count message so you know how the quest is progressing (message can be disabled using the console Set OOOVampDeadMsg to 0 ). * Adds distinct sound effects when you kill a vampire and at each stage of taint removal (i.e., when the sword gets upgraded). * Slight kill-count bonus when you slay vampire bosses (patriarchs and matriarchs). * Improved descriptions of the taint removal process. 041b061a72


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