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Joseph Howard
Joseph Howard

Buy Oakley Airbrake Goggles

The strap offset design works with every helmet we tested it with and allows for comfortable grip on your helmet without crushing your face. The silicone grips work well by holding the googles tightly to flat and high gloss helmets alike. Another nice feature was the nose relief. All of our testers felt that breathing was unrestricted and easy with the goggles on.

buy oakley airbrake goggles

Oakley knows eyewear, and they proved it again with the Airbrake MTB. With outstanding design changes such as the micro mesh coupled with the Prizm Low Light lens, the Airbrake MTB and Airbrake MX are our favorite goggles hand down. The price is high, but so is the performance.

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Goggle size correlates with the size of your head. A rule of thumb is to match the goggle size with the size helmet you wear. Just about every goggle is now helmet compatible. Most adults can comfortably fit into multiple sizes of goggles.

Extra large fit is for those who tend to have issues finding the right size due to things being too small. XL-sized goggles not only have a wider fit but will have a much taller lens to provide that oversized look and the widest field of vision.

Small fit is designed to fit bigger kids, or adults with smaller faces. Generally, small-sized goggles are more narrow, shorter, and shallower than other frame sizes. If you wear a size Small helmet, then this should be the best size for you.

Asian fit goggles are designed to fit people with a more narrow nose bridge and higher cheekbones. The goggle offers more foam padding in the nasal portion of the goggle. In some instances, the goggles are less curved to minimize pressure on the cheeks.

Have you heard? SportRx makes prescription inserts to fit specifically inside of goggles. Not all prescriptions are compatible with the insert, so you may have to resort to OTG Goggles. OTG goggles have been designed to make wearing glasses underneath your goggles a little more comfortable. The foam padding typically has cut outs where the temples/arms of your glasses sit to minimize the pressure points of the goggles pushing the frames against your face.

Interchangeable lens designs are nothing new for goggles but conventional technology puts you at a disadvantage. Impact protection can be compromised. Uneven pressure can distort the lens shape, altering the optical properties and corrupting your vision. Changing the lens can be a real pain. Oakley solved all these problems with Switchlock Technology.

As well as Oakley Goggles, Oakley sunglasses also have designs and technology that are always reliable. Oakley is the holder of over 850 patents, proof that they are in a relentless pursuit for innovation. They ensure that motorcycle rider who choose Oakley are given the best, no matter what the conditions are. Oakley Goggles always set the new standard in high-performance goggles, and they never stop to give riders breakthrough technology so you can enjoy the two-wheel drive every time. 041b061a72


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