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Best Gifts To Buy In Argentina

Another one of the most iconic foods from Argentina is the chimichurri sauce. So if you are looking for fun gifts from Argentina for someone who loves chimichurri, this book with over 20 chimichurri recipes is perfect.

best gifts to buy in argentina

Are you looking for practical Argentinian gifts for travelers? Then a passport cover in Argentina-style is perfect. you can find 32 different designs on Zazzle, or go for the cute one with the penguin and personalized message.

Just as in most other Spanish-speaking countries, Argentinian Spanish is very unique and different from other countries. So if you are looking for Argentinian gifts for someone who loves to speak local languages, then this book with the complete Argentine Spanish lessons is the perfect gift.

Are you looking for Argentinian gifts for someone who is traveling to Argentina soon or someone who is moving to Argentina? Then this book to guide them through the culture and traditions in Argentina is the perfect gift.

The Argentina Reader is one of the best Argentina-themed gifts for people who love history. The Latin America Readers series are great books for people who want to know more about Latin American countries and their history.

The most famous dance in Argentina is the tango. So if you are looking for unique Argentina gifts for someone who loves to dance, then the Argentino tango class for beginners on Udemy is the perfect gift.

Alternatively, you could get yourself the national team jersey, in its beautiful white and light blue colors. Argentina has won the World Cup twice, making it among the best teams in the world. Not a bad jersey to have!

Part of buying the best Argentinian souvenirs to bring home with you is knowing where to buy them! And in a country as vast as Argentina or a city as huge as Buenos Aires, it can be hard to know where to find the best products.

A good start is always the various markets that take place across the country. The San Telmo Market has a variety of unique and intriguing objects, from antiques to clothes to artisanal dulce de leche. The best times to visit are the weekend.

For more specific souvenirs from Argentina, you can head to some specialist shops or districts. For example, the Villa Crespo neighborhood in Buenos Aires is known as the best place to buy cheap but good-quality Argentine leather goods.

With the Argentine soccer team considered one of the best in the world, having produced stars like Messi and the immortal Diego Maradona, Argentina soccer merch makes the perfect for football fanatics of any age.

There's no getting around it: sending gifts to Argentina can be challenging, with an ocean of options and high fees to navigate. And whether you're sending a gift to a friend, family, or a loved one, whether for Christmas, a birthday, a wedding, or any other occasion, it's therefore always a smart idea to consider things such as cost, convenience, and your recipient's preferences before sending your gift.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to send gifts to Argentina, for example, by post, through online stores or gift delivery services, or by sending an international wire transfer. This short guide provides an overview of these methods, showing you the pros and cons of each, and helping you to make the best choice based on your needs and circumstances.

Instead of sending a gift from your country to Argentina, another option is to order a gift online that gets shipped right to your beneficiary's address. This method tends to be cheaper because unless the gift is still being shipped from another country, you'll usually avoid shipping costs and duties. There are a few ways of sending gifts online to Argentina:

Similar to the above, some online companies specialize in delivering gifts specifically, rather than goods in general, to or within Argentina. Typical gifts include flowers, chocolates, treats, toys, gift baskets, and many others. We recommend browsing the web to find a local service that operates near your beneficiary in Argentina.

Gift cards, coupons, and vouchers are an easy option for sending gifts to Argentina. Many online retailers offer gift cards that can be used to make purchases in stores and online in Argentina, while others might be exclusive to a specific product, service, or location.

If you want to be quick and straightforward and don't think your beneficiary will mind getting money rather than a physical, wrapped gift, then sending a wire transfer is an excellent way to send gifts to Argentina. (Alternatively, you could also use this method to send money to somebody else you trust in Argentina, who can then buy the gift and deliver it themselves to your beneficiary, or use this method to let your beneficiary choose their own gift.)

Wire transfers are a faster and more convenient way to send money internationally, but they often come with steep fees and hidden exchange rates when done via the bank. We therefore recommend comparing the money transfer marketplace before sending to Argentina to make sure you're getting the best deal possible:

Yes, it's possible to send gifts to Argentina from overseas, and there are several different ways of doing it. If you want to send a gift that you have, you can send it via the post or via a private courier company (we recommend Eurosender for its great fees). Alternatively, you can buy a gift online and have it delivered to your recipient in Argentina. A third option is to send your recipient money as a wire transfer. Though convenient, this option can be pricey, so we recommend comparing providers on Monito before you send your gift money.

The best way to send gifts to Argentina depends on your preferences and your beneficiary's preferences. If you know they want a special gift from your country, then the best method will often be to post the gift. If you know they want something you can buy online, then purchasing the gift on a Argentine or international online store and delivering it to your beneficiary will normally make the most sense. If you don't know what your beneficiary wants or know they're not too picky, consider sending them a gift card or a wire transfer of money directly.

It depends on the method you choose to send the gifts. If you send the gift by post, it can take 1 to 4 weeks to arrive internationally. With a private courier, it takes far quicker, usually less than one week. If you have a gift delivered via an online store, the delivery will probably also take a week or less (though there are a lot of factors which could influence this delivery time). Finally, if you want to send money to them, an international transfer will take only 1 to 3 business days on average.

Total costs also depend on the method you choose to send the gifts. Aside from the cost of the gift itself (which can cost as much or as little as you choose), international postage can cost anywhere from $20 to $200 or more depending on the weight and size of the package and the distance it needs to travel. Delivery via an online shop is usually cheaper, but if the delivery is international, it could be pricey too. Sending money internationally with your bank will cost around 5% to 10% of the value of your transfer, but sending with a money transfer specialist app will cost 0.5% to 5% depending on currencies and payment methods.

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