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Eldar Matveyev
Eldar Matveyev

Gangster Rap Mix Best Gangster Hip Hop Music

KSI might have started growing his fan base through his dedicated gaming commentary channel on YouTube, but he gave us all a treat with his musical talents. KSI is a chosen acronym standing for Knowledge, Strength, Integrity. These are my thoughts below on the best KSI songs ever.

Gangster Rap Mix | Best Gangster Hip Hop Music

Sa4, a prominent German hip-hop artist, is associated with the renowned group 187 Strassenbande. He is widely regarded as a top rapper, with a strong reputation in the gangster and street rap genres. Although he gained fame during the 2010s, Sa4 actually began his solo career in hip-hop with the release of his mixtape titled Undercover in 2009.

Hip hop is without a doubt the most popular music genre in the world today. It has been rapidly influencing all genres including country, alternative rock, pop, and even metal. For this reason, I wanted to breakdown some of the best chord progressions for hip hop. 041b061a72


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