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Edgar Nikitin
Edgar Nikitin

Penny Bag

I have had several bags, all for a different purpose. My goal was to find a bag that could replace all the varying bags, but also be presentable at work. I highly recommend this bag. 1) I ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived Monday, which was great! 2) It has plenty of storage but it not too big as I am not a very large person and I still wanted a classy look. 3) It hold my laptop, wallet, camera, all my charging cables, lunch and I still have room! 4) The camera strap is really nice and durable 5) I have already received so many compliments 6)I replaced all my other bags! I love the look and style, and honestly would purchase another in the future if it ever need replacing. Worth every penny.

penny bag

I am sooo in love I with my Penny bag so far! I followed the atlas supply instagram originally because a friend shared one of the giveaways to her story. I immediately fell in love with everything about this backpack. I wanted it SOOO bad. The price held me back at first but as i kept my eyes peeled (for months) for a new backpack... there simply wasn't anything remotely similar (versatile, large and stylish). My penny bag is the perfect school bag, overnight bag, work bag, even gym bag sometimes. The amount of pockets and compartments are so ideal! Anyways... I'm rambling... but to anyone contemplating getting this bag DO IT. I feel so proud when people ask about my gorgeous backpack and I get to tell them its completely VEGAN! Win Win Win.

Absolutely obsessed! Everything I ever wanted and needed in a bag for my camera gear, as well as everything else!!!! So comfortable + the quality is top notch. Worth every single penny! Love love love! 041b061a72


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