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Eldar Matveyev
Eldar Matveyev

Physical Pharmaceutics Manavalan

Physical pharmaceutics deals with the physico-chemical principles involved in the practice of pharmacy. By proper application of the principles, one is sure to get a better, efficacious, and reasonably stable dosage form. It will be helpful to improve an already existing dosage form or to formulate a new dosage form and it is of immense help in advanced study.

physical pharmaceutics manavalan

The formulation NEI5 provided reasonably constant effective levels of drug within the ocular cavity for a period of 24 h, and the in vivo results clearly showed that the Timolol maleate nanoemulsion in situ gel (NEI5) provided the best-sustained release of the drug in comparison with the marketed conventional dosage form. Timolol maleate nanoemulsion in situ gel formulation remained stable on storage conditions, with no apparent change in appearance, physical properties, drug content, and percentage drug release. This formulation (NEI5) is an alternative to conventional eye drops for improving bioavailability through its longer precorneal residence time and ability to sustain drug release.


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