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Eldar Matveyev
Eldar Matveyev

Totally Rad RadLab Cracked _HOT_

After we got that cleaned up my next step was to straighten out the contract on the Apollo program, because they had a contract for $17,000 to build this thing, which was totally ridiculous. The demands of the space program were absolutely out of sight and no one understood it when they bid the job. So who was the prime on that? Who was buying that from us? Could that have been Boeing or McDonnell? It wasn't McDonell Douglas in those [days], it was McDonell in St. Louis.

Totally Rad RadLab Cracked

It was surprising; they used a lot of the technology. Our view all those years we ever worked on microphone components was broadband, and their view was totally different, it was narrow band. At least that's the stuff they copy. It turned out to be pretty good.

I said to one of my friends, "Well, there's got to be something interesting going on there." Therefore, I got my clearance and I had a clearance from that until about four years ago I guess, and that's when the government cracked down on clearing consultants for companies. Because I also had a friend, Hart Sullivan, that had a company with a clearance, that allowed me to maintain my clearance. The government just wanted to stop that because they had too many people on the roster.

Wincon was a group run under the section auspices, and it hadn't been a council yet. Of course we had classified sessions. You do know that is totally against the rules. It was only in the rules for one year I think, and then they changed the bylaws again. Did you know about that?

The board members make one trip annually and primarily to first of all to have a place to meet that's totally independent of business and everything else. Second we tried to find places that would be of interest to us or the country or whatever we are doing.

We are so compartmentalized in IEEE that no one would take the initiative of just writing up a magazine on letters, or applications-oriented letters. It's got to go to the right group, and the right group has got to decide they want to do something like that. One of the reasons we can't get solutions in Congress is because of the compartmentalization. There is no one looking at the whole picture and trying to solve the entire problem. You have got this committee that works on this, that committee that works on that, they don't even talk to each other, they come with laws that are totally incompatible. I mean it's just ludicrous.

Certainly our professional activities are tough, and I can understand the problem. If you look at our membership, we have chairman of the board, executive vice presidents, presidents, directors of all the major corporations in this country are members and Fellows and Life members of IEEE. Consequently, the position you take on an individual that's suing a company is to not be totally up front.

Rob Dubbin: Sitting like Winnie the Pooh, on its butt, and it was just reaching up and all lazy, to the tree, and it was pulling off a peach. And it would, like, look at it and it would put it in its mouth then it would drop a pit and it would reach up for another one. It was just having the time of its life. And I love that it's sitting. Not only was it sitting, its back was to me, which I found also very upsetting in ways that I couldn't totally articulate at the time. I was like, "You need to be more aware of the fact that you've come to someone's house, taking their food."


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