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Gleb Moses
Gleb Moses

Black Master Gay

i'm 18, and on the last days of high school there was this bully who used to mess with me, a black kid named rick who always picked on me. as i was leaving he said 'my dad just got out of prison, he might decide to make you his little bitch' he laughed and i said 'whatever, i dont think so' and walked home. little did i know his dad, at about 6 6', was watching us from the car.

black master gay

he barked at me 'i just got out of prison for 10 years, i loove fuckin little white boys like you in the ass, youre a little bitch just like every one of them who gave up that little ass to their big black master. well you looked real cute today with your long hair and your little flip flop sandals. im coming over now, to teach you not to run that mouth again, and were gonna find out whos the little bitch and whos the big man. youre high arent you?'

in one sudden motion he grabbed my hair, pulled my head back with my nose in the air and stuck his big black cock straight up my ass. i felt like a naked ragdoll, jerking around on his pole. as he buried his dick even deeper into my ass all i could think was how quickly this man made me his little bitch just like he said he would, i was naked wearing nothing but pigtails and he had his dick digging deep into my 'bubbleass' as he called it while he spanked and fucked me at the same time. ive never felt so helpless, so small, so ... penetrated! WOW was his dick fucking huge, i could feel every inch inside my butt as my muscles tightened around it. he liked that.

oh i made sure his big black balls were clean and massaged with my teenage mouth. i felt like such a little slut, as i focused on licking his nuts like a kitten. id put a mouthful in my mouth and suck it, next was the big black pole that had taught me to obey like a good little bitch. i made sure to show how good i was now.

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Nurtured, trained, and groomed slave boy Ethan Tate shows his full potential to his new master Tucker Barrett. Gentle kissing transforms into raw bareback breeding as the boy and his new master merge into one body!

While surfing the M4M area rooms, week after week, I finally met someone who seemed to be my "type" of guy. However, in chatting with him I discovered we were not compatible to meet, but I asked him about his area experiences. One question I asked was if he had ever gone "black."

It was difficult to set a date to meet, with a 40-mile drive in Rush hour traffic, and both of us facing family commitments. After missing him once at a cafe and not hearing from him for a month, we finally picked a date and time, and I nervously drove an hour to get to his house. Until now the most I had ever done with a black man was to shake his hand... Guys don't turn me on at all,as a rule and here I was on my way to meet a guy that gets head for money . And has said that he doesn't do any thing much more , but it was that mystique of crossing the interracial line intrigued me. Also it was so different from the expectation we have for females who do sex for money .

I located his house just as the sun was setting. As instructed, I walked to his door, knocked and walked in. He greeted me wearing a long black silk robe "Hello Bruce, are you ready to do anything I want orally?" I said most defiantly and he offered me a drink .as he made it he mentioned he thought it best if we got all the business end taken care of first and on the Hall table was a brown envelope , I took the two 100 dollar bills from my wallet and I put them in the envelope . he smiled and invited me to have a seat in the front room as he needed to use the john , as he went down the hall he took the envelope off the hall table . he came back into the living room a few minutes later and he was smiling and he said he appreciated my extra interest in him . And he was going make sure we had a good time , and nothing made him more excited than the act sight of a nice white face doing sweet and nasty things down between his legs . as a mouth was a mouth and it was even better from a man since they were eager , And he added he wanted my total attention only on the cock in my throat and not the one between my legs as he always felt it more important to educate as he loved to have it enjoyed by both . As he said that allot of it was a way to make my enjoyment and he wanted me to have a good time as well as he loved to get a blow job he also liked to make my mouth feel good with his cock . So as we had another drink this time a double he had me tell him my other experiences , He had a few bits of info and he asked my opinion of how he had aged and was his age ok ? and he had learned to take his time with sex . so he said time for fun I going love fucking ur mouth almost as much as you gonna gonna love blowing my dick .

His words turned me on and sent a chill through my body, and I knew I was in for an adventure. He was wearing just a pair of nylon bikinis briefs beneath his robe, and his black cock looked huge, at least 8 inches flaccid, and starting to grow.

His black balls were huge, and hairy. I still wanted his beautiful cock in my mouth, but knew he had his own plans for this evening, so I began licking and sucking his balls, one at a time. It would have been impossible to get both in my mouth at the same time because of their size and I wondered how much cum these balls would be pumping out shortly..

My eyes focused on his cock, but he wanted me to use the soap on his body, everywhere I had licked, and then he rinsed himself off. He shut off the shower and turned around, telling me to get on my knees. Still in the shower I knew this was it... finally I was going to taste his black cock... but he turned around again and told me I had done such a fine job on his ass he wanted me to do it again, only deeper. I did, and loved being degraded by him sucking and licking his freshly washed ass.

I dropped between his spread black legs, and started licking his huge cock head, finally tasting what I had been after all day. I licked up and down the shaft, licking his balls and sticking my tongue in his ass occasionally. I was going to truly enjoy myself, after all, I had earned it.

"Good. I know I am your first black man, and you have fulfilled one of my greatest fantasies. I have always wanted to make a guy drink my piss, and you did. The next time you come over, I want your cherry ass. Do you understand Bitch?"

Though slaves could and did marry -- with their master's consent -- their vows to each other were legally null and void. The slave master held right to control his property however he saw fit. The desire to reproduce human capital and the prerogative to sell slaves to increase profits or cut losses superceded respect for African-American unions.

The association between marriage and liberation took on increasing significance as the end of slavery approached. During the Civil War, as many slaves escaped to freedom following the foot trails of Union Army soldiers, marriage often became the first civil right exercised. It was so popular that it overwhelmed the capacity of federal forces to accommodate them. A black soldier expressed the sentiment underlying their determinations this way: "The marriage covenant is at the foundation of all our rights."

The bitter opposition to the legalization of black marriage was not easily ruptured. White Southerners resisted bestowing equality on black marriage. Federal officials and Northern missionaries voiced the prejudice that blacks by nature did not value marriage.

But the Civil Rights Act of 1866 opened the way for overcoming these impediments by affirming black rights to make contracts of all kinds. Southern states were forced to make provisions in new laws that recognized black marriages. 041b061a72


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