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Eldar Matveyev
Eldar Matveyev

Tempting Hung Trannys TOP

Sheylla Wandergirlt is pure sexiness! Young and teenager Sheylla has become one of my favorite tgirls because of that cute youthful face and that full body that is overflowing of sex and hotness! A tempting looking shemale like that REALLY gets me off.

tempting hung trannys

The world changed overnight with the first cases of the Sexually Infected Subjects Spreading Infections Exponentially Syndrome, or SISSIES, became known. At first it sounded like some urban legend, men turning into hot, horny, hung shemales and spreading the infection to any man that came in them...or any man they came in. It was only after you saw video evidence, an amateur porno of a man sure it was all a hoax. A six foot foot six slab of muscle with a eight inch cock and a cocky smile pounding a blonde bimbo with g cup breasts and an eleven inch cock. She cooed and moaned as he railed her, milking the cum out of him in less than five minutes.

Then it suddenly you couldn't believe your eyes. The stud began to shrink, his muscles melting away to become soft, supple skin. His waist narrowing, his hips widening, his chest and ass expanding to rival the blonde bimboi, and his cock growing thicker and gaining at least four inches. His features grew soft and feminine and fetching and you could see the fear and confusion turn to guilty hunger before he fell to his knees and began sucking the other sissy's shaft. It was real...and it was spreading like wildfire.

You'd think it would be easy enough to avoid, but something about these gurls was to tempting to resist, especially once the first cases of immunity were discovered. Apparently the disease doesn't affect you if you don't have a subconscious desire to become be sexy and soft and slutty. Real men were documented fucking bimbois left and right and not catching so much as a cold. However, if even one iota of sissy desires existed in them, they were transformed on the spot, and doomed to a life as a cock craving cum addict. 041b061a72


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