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Oliver Lee
Oliver Lee

4y Mp4

Gifs were never intended to be used as they are today. They are an image format and yet they are commonly used as a replacement for videos. Since gifs were never meant to be animated they also aren't optimized for video usage at all - which results in gigantic file sizes compared to dedicated video formats such as mp4.

4y mp4

And yet they are being (ab)used, especially in big communities such as reddit. "But it's only a 10 MB gif" you might say. It is "only" 10 MB for you but it may be one minute of loading or 50ct for other users. The internet isn't yet well-developed in many parts of the world and even in big industrial countries it comes at a cost - especially mobile internet which is still an expensive good. And more than 50% of users visit reddit using a mobile device.

I wrote this bot to fight against the usage of gifs as vide replacements, to raise awareness of way better alternatives. Please stop using gif as a horrible video replacement and start using dedicated video formats such as mp4.

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