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Where To Buy A Iphone 6 Battery

Going to the Apple store may be your first call to action, but consider the out-of-warranty costs associated. If your AppleCare+ warranty has expired, expect to pay $79.00 for your iPhone 6 battery replacement.

where to buy a iphone 6 battery

Battery degradation is an inevitable part of your phone's lifespan, extend it with this new replacement battery compatible with iPhone 6. If your iPhone 6 won't turn on, is stuck in a boot loop, has a "service battery" warning, or simply won't hold a charge, this replacement battery may be what you need to fix it.

For optimal performance, calibrate your newly installed battery: Charge it to 100% and keep charging it for at least 2 more hours. Then use your device until it shuts off due to low battery. Finally, charge it uninterrupted to 100%.

Depending on where you live, the closest Apple retail store could be a few hours away, which is why we always recommend checking the Swappa Repair Network first, especially if your phone is out-of-warranty with Apple. You may also need to set an appointment with Apple, whereas, your local independent repair shop may be able to perform a same-day or while-you-wait repair. People depend on their smartphones these days, so the quicker you can get the phone repaired the better.

Batteries degrade over time, and they also degrade with regular usage, so this is a common repair issue. Replacing a dead battery is also a relatively inexpensive repair, regardless of whether you go to an Apple retail store or use a local repair shop. The table below shows the out-of-warranty battery replacement cost with Apple, and the average price for the shops listed in the Swappa Repair Network.

The standard life for an iPhone 6 battery is 7 and a half hours. If your battery is not lasting that long consider changing your battery settings, running fewer background programs or getting a battery replacement from a repair professional.

Replacing an iPhone 6 battery is a simple, quick, and affordable repair from a repair professional. Replacing the battery can extend the life of your device and allow it to run your favorite games and programs more efficiently.

While prices will always vary based on your location and the condition of your broken device, battery replacements on the iPhone 6 start at $60 at uBreakiFix. Stop by your local repair professional for a detailed diagnostic and a price quote.

If you have had your device for over a year, your limited warranty from Apple will no longer cover your battery replacement. Bring your device to your local repair professional to learn about all of your repair options.

Roderick Scott is Wirecutter's staff writer reporting on smartphones, tablets, and accessories. He is the former publisher of TechGuySmartBuy, where he reviewed everything from phones to headphones to smart speakers to cars. He is also a former aspiring songwriter, music producer, and A&R working with local talent.

It said the goal was to preserve battery life on those older phones and prevent them from shutting down unexpectedly, but customers felt as if Apple communicated this message too late, as many had come to believe that iPhones purposefully got slower to compel people to upgrade to newer models.

The most important part of Apple's informational letter was an offer toward the end: Apple said it would reduce the price of an out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement to $29 from $79 "for anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced, available worldwide through December 2018."

A small anecdote: My wife owns an iPhone 6s and had been experiencing battery issues for months. She'd constantly need to recharge her phone at work and at home, and she felt as if it hadn't always been this bad. So a couple of months ago, we visited an Apple Store, where an employee measured her phone's battery life and found the degradation to be at about 83%.

Apple says it will offer to replace batteries when battery degradation reaches 80%, but the employee gave my wife the option to replace it right then and there for $29. So we did that and walked around the mall for a few hours while we waited.

Last week, Apple reduced the price of out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements from $79 to $29, following a wave of controversy over power management features in older iPhones. In a note to customers, Apple said its new policy applied to "anyone with an iPhone 6 or later whose battery needs to be replaced", but failed to specify if this eligibility criteria was dependent on whether a given iPhone failed an official Genius Bar diagnostic test.

This morning, French tech blog iGeneration reported that an internal Apple Store memo has been circulated which states that if a customer asks for a battery replacement on an iPhone 6 or later, then the Genius Bar should allow it, even if their phone passes Apple's own diagnostic test.

Apple has since independently confirmed to MacRumors that it will agree to replace an eligible battery for a $29 fee, regardless of whether an official diagnostic test shows that it is still able to retain less than 80 percent of its original capacity. The concession appears to have been made to mollify the anger of customers stoked by headlines suggesting that Apple artificially slows down older iPhones to drive customers to upgrade to newer models.

Anecdotal reports also suggest that customers who paid $79 to have their battery replaced before the new pricing came into effect on Saturday, December 30, will receive a refund from Apple upon request. Please let us know of your own experiences in the comments below.

As many iPhone 6 owners have discovered, something is wrong with the battery. A bug or a defect causes the phone to crash dramatically: the power might plunge from 50% or 30% to 1% percent and other times the iPhone just shuts down altogether.

First, though the battery problem seems to have arrived with the iOS 10.1.1 or 10.2 software update, the issue is primarily tied to hardware. According to reports in online Apple forums, the update appears to have instructed iPhones to protect the battery by shutting down during times of stress, such as when multiple apps are running. The reports suggest Apple introduced this process as a circuit breaker to prevent the sort of overheating or fires that affected millions of Samsung phones.

Perhaps more importantly, the battery life was also excellent at the time of release. The more efficient 20nm CPU certainly helped: playing a 720p video with flight mode on and the screen set to a brightness of 120cd/m2, the battery depleted at 7.5% per hour, while streaming audio continuously from our SoundCloud account over 3G with the screen off reduced capacity at 1.7% per hour.

Those with iPhone 6S phones that they feel have been having issues can go to their local Apple Store or an authorized service provider, the small repair shops that say they're authorized by Apple as well as retailers such as Best Buy. If it is determined that your phone is one of the affected units, the company will swap out the battery free of charge, though those with other issues, such as cracked screens, will need to pay to have those problems fixed before the battery can be replaced.

Apple is the latest major tech company to suffer from battery issues. Samsung notably recalled and canceled its Galaxy Note 7 phone this fall after numerous devices saw their batteries catch fire or explode. There have thus far been no reports of similar issues from the iPhone 6S.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus received positive reviews, with critics regarding their redesign, specifications, camera, and battery life as being improvements over previous iPhone models. However, aspects of the design of iPhone 6 were also criticized, including plastic strips on the rear of the device for its antenna that disrupted the otherwise metal exterior, and the screen resolution of the standard-sized iPhone 6 being lower than other devices in its class. The iPhone 6 sold extremely well, making it the best-selling iPhone model and the most successful smartphone to date.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were officially unveiled during a press event at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California on September 9, 2014, and released on September 19, 2014; pre-orders began on September 12, 2014, with the iPhone 6 starting at US$649 and the iPhone 6 Plus starting at US$749.[31] In China, where the iPhone 5C and 5S were the first models in the iPhone series to be released in the country on the same day as their international launch, Apple notified local wireless carriers it would be unable to release the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the 19th there were "details which are not ready"; local media reported the devices had not yet been approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and earlier in the year, a news report by state broadcaster China Central Television alleged iPhone devices were a threat to national security because iOS 7's "frequent locations" function could expose "state secrets."[32][33]

In regards to the 6 Plus, Engadget panned its design for being uncomfortable to hold and harder to grip in comparison to other devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 and LG G3, but praised its inclusion of optical image stabilization and slightly better battery life than the 6.[50]

A customer compares her iPhone 6 (left) with an iPhone 7 at an Apple Store in Chicago. On Wednesday, more than 30 states announced a settlement with Apple over the company's past practice of slowing down a phone's battery. Kiichiro Sato/AP hide caption

Apple on Wednesday agreed to pay $113 million to settle consumer fraud lawsuits brought by more than 30 states over allegations that it secretly slowed down old iPhones, a controversy that became known as "batterygate."

Apple first denied that it purposely slowed down iPhone batteries, then said it did so to preserve battery life amid widespread reports of iPhones unexpectedly turning off. The company maintained that it wasn't necessary for iPhone users to replace their sluggish phones, but state attorneys general led by Arizona found people saw no other choice. 041b061a72


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