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Bus Simulator Indonesia: A Realistic and Fun Driving Game with Free Coins

Bus Simulator Indonesia: A Fun and Authentic Game for Bus Lovers

If you are a fan of bus driving games, you might want to check out Bus Simulator Indonesia, a popular game that lets you experience what it likes being a bus driver in Indonesia. In this article, we will tell you more about this game, how to download it for free, how to get free coins, and some tips and tricks to make your gameplay more enjoyable.

What is Bus Simulator Indonesia?

Bus Simulator Indonesia (aka BUSSID) is a game developed by Maleo, an Indonesian game studio. It was released in 2017 and has since gained millions of downloads and positive reviews from players. BUSSID is not the first bus simulator game, but it is probably one of the only ones with the most features and the most authentic Indonesian environment.

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Features of Bus Simulator Indonesia

Here are some of the top features of BUSSID that make it stand out from other bus simulator games:

Design your own livery

You can customize your bus with your own design, color, logo, sticker, and more. You can also share your livery with other players or download their liveries from the online gallery.

Intuitive and easy-to-use controls

You can choose between various control options, such as tilt, steering wheel, buttons, or slider. You can also adjust the sensitivity and feedback of the controls according to your preference.

Authentic Indonesian cities and places

You can drive your bus across various cities and places in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Sumatra, Java, and more. You can also see realistic landmarks, buildings, roads, traffic, weather, and scenery along the way.

Variety of Indonesian buses with unique features

You can choose from different types of buses, such as city buses, intercity buses, tourist buses, school buses, etc. Each bus has its own characteristics, such as speed, acceleration, braking, fuel consumption, etc. You can also upgrade your bus with better parts and accessories.

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Cool and fun honks, including the iconic Om Telolet Om! honk

You can honk your horn to interact with other vehicles or pedestrians on the road. You can also use the famous Om Telolet Om! honk, which is a viral phenomenon in Indonesia where people ask bus drivers to honk their horns in a musical way.

High-quality and detailed 3D graphics

The game has impressive graphics that make you feel like you are really driving a bus in Indonesia. The game also runs smoothly on most devices without lagging or crashing.

Leaderboard and online data saving

You can compete with other players on the leaderboard based on your score, distance traveled, passengers carried, Vehicle model system for customization options

You can create your own vehicle model using the built-in editor. You can modify the shape, size, position, and rotation of the parts. You can also import your own 3D models or download them from the online gallery.

Online multiplayer convoy

You can join or create a convoy with other players online. You can chat with them, follow them, or challenge them to a race. You can also see their liveries and vehicle models.

How to download Bus Simulator Indonesia for free?

There are two ways to download BUSSID for free on your device:

Download from Google Play Store or App Store

This is the easiest and safest way to download BUSSID. You just need to search for the game on the Google Play Store or App Store and install it on your device. The game is compatible with Android 4.2 and up and iOS 9.0 and up. The game is also free to play, but it contains ads and in-app purchases.

Download from third-party websites or APK files

This is another way to download BUSSID, but it is not recommended as it may contain viruses, malware, or unwanted programs. You need to find a reliable website that offers the APK file of BUSSID and download it on your device. You also need to enable the unknown sources option on your device settings to install the APK file. However, you should be careful as some APK files may be modded or hacked and may cause problems with your device or game account.

How to get free coins in Bus Simulator Indonesia?

Coins are the currency in BUSSID that you can use to buy new buses, upgrade your buses, or unlock new features. There are two ways to get free coins in BUSSID:

Watch ads or complete offers

This is the official and legitimate way to get free coins in BUSSID. You just need to watch video ads or complete offers from the game menu. You can earn up to 100 coins per ad or offer. However, this method may be time-consuming and boring as you have to watch many ads or complete many offers to get enough coins.

Use modded APK files or hack tools

This is another way to get free coins in BUSSID, but it is not recommended as it may violate the game's terms of service and may result in a ban or suspension of your game account. You need to find a modded APK file or a hack tool that claims to give you unlimited coins in BUSSID and use it on your device. However, you should be careful as some modded APK files or hack tools may contain viruses, malware, or unwanted programs that may harm your device or steal your personal information.

Tips and tricks for playing Bus Simulator Indonesia

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you improve your skills and enjoy your gameplay more in BUSSID:

Use manual transmission mode for better control and speed

If you want to have more control over your bus and drive faster, you should use the manual transmission mode instead of the automatic one. You can switch between the modes from the game settings. In manual transmission mode, you can use the clutch pedal and the gear lever to change gears according to the speed and terrain. This way, you can avoid wasting fuel and overheating your engine.

Avoid driving on the wrong side of the road or crashing into other vehicles

If you want to avoid getting fined or losing points, you should drive on the right side of the road and follow the traffic signs and signals. You should also avoid crashing into other vehicles or obstacles as this will damage your bus and reduce your score. You can use the brake pedal and the steering wheel to control your bus and avoid collisions.

Follow the traffic rules and signals

If you want to earn more points and respect from other drivers, you should follow the traffic rules and signals in BUSSID. You should stop at red lights, yield at yellow lights, go at green lights, obey speed limits, use turn signals, etc. You should also respect other drivers' rights of way and avoid cutting them off or blocking them. Use the map and GPS to navigate your route

If you want to reach your destination faster and easier, you should use the map and GPS features in BUSSID. You can access the map from the game menu or the dashboard. You can also turn on the GPS voice navigation from the game settings. The map and GPS will show you the best route to your destination, the distance and time remaining, and the traffic conditions. You can also zo


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