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Bogdan Gusev
Bogdan Gusev

Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual ((EXCLUSIVE))

Willingly becoming a Vampire is not cool unless you celebrate it. Your Sims will now be immortal. That deserves a form of celebration. Hence, one modder decided to make it an event. You can now celebrate your Sims becoming a supernatural being. After the event, your Sims also receive a starter pack reward. Each initiation ritual has to have four compulsory participants. There are the Vampire guests, normal guests, a Vampire movie, and one Senior Vampire.

Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual

Lamae later founded a cult of vampires, its core tenet being hatred for both Arkay and Molag Bal. Those infected with vampirism who found their way to the cult's headquarters in Coldharbour[citação necessária] would be given the option to engage in the cult's initiation ritual known as the Rite of the Scion. During the Rite vampires would experience visions of Lamae's past, and profane symbols of Arkay and Molag Bal. After the first part of the ritual was completed, the initiate would submerge themselves in a pool of water and be completely drained of their blood by the cult's priests. If the initiate was deemed worthy Lamae Bal herself would appear and revive them with her own blood, enhancing their powers and making them a full member of her coven.[2][3] 041b061a72


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