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Bogdan Gusev
Bogdan Gusev

Cherry Kiss

Pour brandy and Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc into a highball glass with ice. Stir for 1 minute with a swizzle stick. Top off with a splash of cherry flavored soda and garnish with 2-3 cherries. Sip and enjoy!

cherry kiss

Cherry Cookies Cookies with a chocolate kiss highlight the very best in dessert treats. Showcasing the timeless love affair between chocolate and cherries, these cookies are simple to make and perfect for the holidays or any occasion.

Featuring a combination of cherry juice, chopped maraschino cherries, and dark chocolate Hershey kisses, this Cherry Kiss Cookies Recipe harkens back to the basics, even to the extent of being able to mix this batter by hand with a fork. No electronics necessary (said with glee by a dad of six boys).

Using a metal cookie sheet helps ensure that the chocolate kisses are don't get too warm via conduction, allowing for a gentle softening of the chocolate, instead of an all-out meltdown.

They came out pretty, but I wasn't impressed with the lack of cherry flavor. I actually took a risk and increased the juice, as well as adding a full cup of cherries. Baked for 11 and half minutes. The basic shortbread texture of the cookie is good, which is my reason for giving 4 stars. The cookies were soft and buttery. Unfortunately, even with the increase of cherry, any of the fruit flavor that may have existed was overwhelmed by the butter flavor and the chocolate. It is shame there isn't a more definitive cherry presence in what is otherwise a good, basic cookie dough.

Recipe was very easy to follow along. I didn't read any of the other comments, but I did roll my cookies I'm sugar, as well as add extra juice and cherries. They didnt have a lot of cherry flavor, but they are pretty! Next time I would add even more juice and cherries in hopes to add more flavor! 041b061a72


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