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Eldar Matveyev
Eldar Matveyev

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MediaFast is our supercharged content caching solution. Designed with education and entertainment in mind, it downloads and accelerate video, iTunes U, iOS updates, app download, and other content for uninterrupted learning and fun anytime.

Download 380X Accounts txt


Schedule one-time or recurring content downloads during off-peak hours, and then playback downloaded content anytime. Need HD video and other content in places with spotty or congested Internet connections? Download whenever and wherever the connection is best. Then pack up and take the MediaFast anywhere you need seamless content delivery.

Cache iTunes/iTunes U and other content automatically by domain and file type. With MediaFast, you can download once and play back over and over again, cutting loading time, bandwidth usage and cost. Keep content as long as you like or purge it automatically by file type and age.

Managing hundreds of iPads at your campus? The MediaFast can cache iOS updates and app downloads. Download the updates once, and apply to all iPads without consuming extra bandwidth or stressing the network.

You can download the switchres.ini file required from the Switchres Github page, transfer it to your Batocera machine over the network share and then use its file manager (F1) to put the file in the /etc/ folder.

Dear FLUKA experts,I used Matlab to convert an Analyze file to a DCM file, but after importing FLAIR, I found that it lacks a lot of dataset information. How can I solve this problem or manually add this information. Digimouse file download address: _atlas/ The MATLAB code is in the attachment.Best regardsdigimouse.txt (522 Bytes) 041b061a72


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