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Christian Art Print =LINK=

Fine art travel prints specializing in scenes from California, the Sierra, the Gold Country, Yosemite, Europe, and South America. Travel prints for your home. Custom hand lettered, caligraphy prints and invitations available.

christian art print


This Blue Lake Springs travel print is a giclee print of an original watercolor painting with hand drawn lettering done by Dave Christian in 2018. The lettering is a hand drawn font featuring the name of lake and apart of a series of Arnold, California's local lakes. This print features the beautiful Blue Lake Springs lake, lifeguard with red umbrella, and kids and adults enjoying the water.

Prints meet the industries standard for archival printing using an Epson 3880 Stylus Pro printer, and Epson K3 UltraChrome pigment inks providing superior resistance to water, fading and smudging. Please note the colors on your monitor may differ from the printed art. Prints are printed on a professional archival grade, quality 268 gsm acid free Epson Velvet Fine Art paper and is signed and dated by the artist. (The davechristianart watermark will NOT appear on the print.)

This Utica Reservoir Travel Print is a giclee print of an original hand painted/drawn mixed media illustration with watercolor, colored pencil and pen & ink by Dave Christian. The lettering is a hand drawn original font featuring the name of lake and information about the region including elevation. This print features beautiful Utica Reservoir from the perspective of sitting in a wooden kayak heading towards one of the many islands to explore on this beautiful reservoir built in 1905.

I was, as you can tell from this print, first off that bus, and I was quite happy to have captured this art print as I wanted it, free of distractions with the clean simple elements of the path, the cross, and the landscape.

Liberty and Lilac offers original artwork and illustrations by Erica Smith Billups featuring messages of hope, unity, inclusivity, love, and faith. Layers of texture and pattern with vibrant color palettes and bold graphic elements make Liberty and Lilac prints perfect for the classroom, playroom, home, or office.

He Qi paints on each Artist's Proof print to enhance color and originality that make each giclee print more unique and collectible. Thus, the Artist's Proof Print has "DNA" of He Qi's Originals that it does collect He Qi's real Brush Strokes. A Collection Certificate of authenticity will be granted with medium and large print orders.

Welcome to the Index of Medieval Art online database. Our online holdings complement and partly overlap with the print Index at Princeton University, which is currently being integrated into the database. The collections include images and descriptive data related to the iconography of works of art produced between late Antiquity and the sixteenth century. Although the Index of Medieval Art was formerly known as the Index of Christian Art, it now includes secular subjects as well as a growing number of subjects from medieval Jewish and Islamic culture. Full access to this database is available to users by subscription and to those on the Princeton campus; for further information about this, go to subscriber information. 041b061a72


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