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Where To Buy Quip Toothbrush

Though using a manual brush is a time-honored method for doing this, using an electric toothbrush is a much more thorough process, André V. Ritter, DDS, Ph.D., professor, and chair of the Department of Cariology & Comprehensive Care at NYU Dentistry, told Insider. As the industry for electric toothbrushes continues to grow, so, too, does the variety of brushes and the brands that offer them.

where to buy quip toothbrush

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Quip offers two options: A standard electric toothbrush and a smart electric toothbrush. The smart option has the benefit of tracking brushing sessions and learning your habits, including how long you brush and your average brushing acceleration. What Quip lacks in options it makes up for with simplicity and minimalistic design.

Philips, meanwhile, has long been a leader in the industry with its Sonicare line and offers many electric toothbrush options. I decided to test the 4100 series for this comparison, as it most closely compares to Quip's offerings. Here's how the two compare.

Quip offers a sleek and minimalistic design, something I didn't even know I needed in a toothbrush until this was in my hands. It comes in three plastic colorways (green, blue, and white) and five in metal (silver, slate, copper, gold, and black).

The handle on Quip is thin, round, and smooth, and it slides nicely into a case that sits on the countertop or sticks to the mirror. Because the bottom of the brush is rounded, it won't stand on its own, so it always needs to be either laid flat on the counter or returned to its case. For travel, the case also fits over the brush head, which is similar in size to a manual toothbrush and larger than the Sonicare brush head.

The Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100 has a wider and bulkier base compared to Quip, but this only comes into play when you're traveling; this wider base is actually very convenient at home as the brush doesn't need the case to stand on the countertop. The ProtectiveClean 4100 also comes with a small, clear cover for the brush head. The toothbrush is only available in plastic but comes in a lot of color options: white, mint, deep pink, navy blue, turquoise, pastel pink, and black and white.

Quip's minimalistic toothbrush includes no additional features. The Smart toothbrush, however, does include a few more perks, including an app that tracks brushing duration, top and bottom coverage, strokes per minute, average acceleration.

This is all nice information to have if you're trying to improve your oral hygiene and looking for areas to get better but for the most part, a standard toothbrush timer is enough to make sure you're brushing long enough in all areas of your mouth.

As you may guess from the discrepancy, Quip is much gentler than Sonicare, and I found that I still needed to brush my teeth the way I would with a manual toothbrush (as in, scrub back and forth). Because of the increased power of Sonicare, however, I can simply hold that brush on each tooth surface and they feel adequately clean afterward.

If you're looking for a traditional electric toothbrush with powerful cleaning and more movements per minute, go with the Sonicare ProtectiveClean 4100. However, if you're on a tight budget or have very sensitive teeth or gums, Quip is an excellent and visually appealing option.

But those who are used to a powerful electric toothbrush and are looking for that same intensity, however, will likely be disappointed by Quip. Overall, Quip seems to function more like a manual toothbrush with a little extra oomph, while Sonicare has the power of a traditional electric toothbrush.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference and price, a sentiment Dr. Ritter echoed: "The important thing is to use the toothbrush correctly, spend time in each section of your mouth, and don't rush. Also, don't forget to floss once a day," he said.

Is the quip brush just a lot of hype, or is it worth the extra cash? As a dentist, minimalist, and ruthless product tester, I consider the quip worth the investment for travelers and minimalists. For budget-conscious families or anyone looking for a high-powered sonic toothbrush, quip may not be worth the price tag.

The quip electric toothbrush is a low-powered, battery-powered sonic toothbrush. It uses a 2-minute timer with pauses at 30-second intervals, which reinforces good brushing habits and ensures you brush all 4 quadrants of your teeth.

Quip metal vs. plastic? The metal quip brushes are a bit heavier and feel higher-quality than the plastic. However, their plastic brushes are known to hold up over time just as well as the metal ones.

After 3 years, I can confidently say that the hype around quip is there for good reason. The brush is still in great shape, the sonic power works just as well as the first day I tried it, and the design of the brush still looks excellent, even after many trips and years of use.

Quip has only two brush heads and they are exactly the same except for size. Conversely, both Sonicare and Oral-B offer a large variety of toothbrush heads for different use cases that are compatible with most or all of their brushes.

This is a very TARGETED probiotic for oral health specifically. It contains the specific bugs you need for a healthy oral microbiome. This is an essential part to resetting the oral microbiome. Plus, you chew it or let it dissolve in your mouth instead of swallow it so the bugs get to where they need to go.

Theresa Holland has written for Elite Daily, The Financial Diet, Thought Catalog, Film Daily, and other online publications. She is also the creator of the blog The Taboo Textbook, where she shares her favorite life hacks.

quip is a compact electric toothbrush that has been designed to ditch gimmicks like Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging, reminder LEDs to change the heads, etc., in favor of creating an easy to use toothbrush that will help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

A toothbrush holder is included with the quip. This holder has an adhesive strip on the side so it can be attached to your bathroom mirror or wall. It can also be used as a travel cover like you see above.

Do I think that the quip toothbrush cleaned my teeth better than a manual toothbrush? No, not really. But I do think the quip helped me brush longer than a manual toothbrush? Yes, the 30 seconds per quadrant pulsing feature really does help you do a more thorough job of cleaning your teeth and gums.

I purchased a quip. It looks great and can fit in tiny spaces with the holder BUT it is nothing more than a standard toothbrush with a timer. The head does not move at all. It vibrates, but that does nothing to assist with the cleaning of your teeth. I wrote and asked the company and they said that the primary purpose of their sale was to teach folks to care for their teeth correctly. Those directions are found in a very small pamphlet that is included with the toothbrush. So, basically, you are paying for the booklet and a regular (cute) toothbrush with a 2 minute timer.

Thanks for your review. I wish I had read it before spending $80 for 2 Quip toothbrushes. I think that this is false advertising as on their web site they claim that it is an electric toothbrush which it is not. It is really a gimmick and just a toothbrush with a slight vibration and we do all the work. Amazing that they charge so much money for this. I will be sending mine back even if I have to pay shipping costs.

The second thing I was looking for was a sleek toothbrush that my kids would enjoy brushing with. I wanted a high-quality brush that would last longer than the cheap disposable brushes, and one that looked cool.

Note: At this time, I only recommend their toothbrushes and water flossers. I do not recommend their toothpaste, floss picks, or mouthwash. If you are looking for a clean toothpaste, check out our master list of non-toxic products.

At the time of its launch, Quip was entering a competitive market with brands that had been selling electric toothbrushes for decades, including the duopoly of Sonicare and Oral-B, which together command as much as 70 percent of the online sales market, according to a recent analysis that looked at data in the one-year period up to January 2017.

While the toothbrush sales sector is ripe for competition, the Quip founders had to convince investors they could compete even though they didn't come from a background in business or marketing. "I think there's a lot of nervousness when people start thinking about investing in a designer's company," Enever said. "It didn't really matter how great they thought our idea was necessarily or the business plan, but ... trusting someone that wasn't from their world."

Enever said brushes worked well and served their purpose; he just couldn't find an electric toothbrush he wanted to use. They were big. They had charging stands. They were heavy. They broke. They felt weird in the mouth.

The toothbrush market was already saturated with well-established electric toothbrush brands available with a variety of options. The Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush, recommended by O, The Oprah Magazine is $270. It has an app that provides brushing feedback and comes with four different brush heads. Procter & Gamble's Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 electric toothbrush, costing about $140 to $180, includes six different modes and bluetooth capability.

The most popular Quip toothbrushes are metal and have one vibration speed. They cost $45 (there is a $25 plastic version) with a subscription to get a new brush head delivered every three months for $5. A customer can add a tube of Quip toothpaste to the subscription for an additional $5.

Quip is not the only toothbrush start-up attempting to gain traction in the market. Goby, which started out with $2 million of seed funding in 2015, is selling electric brushes for $50 with a brush head subscription plan. For $130 Kolibree, founded in 2013, is selling Ara, the first toothbrush with artificial intelligence. Oclean, which received $2 million in funding in China and is raising money on Indiegogo to launch in the United States, claims to be "the world's fastest electric toothbrush." 041b061a72


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