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Oliver Lee
Oliver Lee

Buy Inkjecta Tattoo Machine

Inkjecta has positioned itself among the best tattoo machines. It is recognised by the world's leading tattoo artists and is renowned for its quality. This Australian based brand is the result of the passion of its founders, Chris Cashmore and Byron Drechsler for tattoo machines and for tattooing itself. A passion that began to bear fruit in 2008, and which prides itself on building each machine by hand, with the dedication and commitment of its workers as a premise for the success and quality of its creations. Their various tattoo machines and accessories are the alternative for tattoo professionals who want to equip their studios with the best on the market, find in our online shop: Inkjecta Flite X1, Inkjecta Eclipse, Inkjecta Nano Lite, Inkjecta Nano Elite, Inkjecta Nano Elite Titan and a variety of accessories.

buy inkjecta tattoo machine

Inkjecta have strived from the very beginning to create powerful machines that are both lightweight and easy to handle, using the highest quality materials. Our online shop In Tattoo Veritas has everything you need to offer your customers quality and service. Whatever you are looking for you can find it on our website, Inkjecta machines are just a sample of the wide variety of products we have to offer our customers.

Founded in 1989, I MAX INTERNATIONAL began with the goal of providing the widest variety of tattoo, body piercing and permanent makeup supplies. Since then, the IMAX TATTOO brand and vision have expanded and come to fruition. Our catalog contains more than 10,000 products immediately available with fast delivery. Purchase all equipment from a company you can trust. 041b061a72


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