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War Tycoon Script \/\/FREE\\\\

Welcome to Space War Tycoon (formerly known as EarthScape Tycoon)! This is a Roblox game where you are tasked with building up a powerful arsenal of robots, suits of armor, and other vehicles. Once you've got your tycoon rolling (using these codes to give you a big boost in Gold at the start of the game), you can send out your troops to raid other bases and collect loot.

War Tycoon Script


Space War tycoon codes are free rewards that are given out by the developers at CodeXStudios. All the codes can be redeemed for Gold which is the main currency in the game used to purchase upgrades for your tycoon, new armor sets, and various other advantages for your tycoon. New codes are posted alongside updates and milestones.

The VIP room can easily be accessed inside your tycoon. The portal is located in the first floor of your base, after entering your tycoon directly turn left and you should see the portal with VIP ONLY on it. If you don't see it, than you might need to purchase it first with the button at the same location.

Roblox Script Fighting Ultimate is a game where you choose a script from the menu. This choice gives you power related to the script. Then you get to duel other players vs. other scripts. Each time you get defeated, you get to choose another script or keep using the one you are using.

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