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Edgar Nikitin
Edgar Nikitin

Brazilian Shemale Treat UPD

Many of us who realize we need to leave this country for better opportunities and to grow as a person feel very uncomfortable about the brazilian stereotype other brazilians show to the world. We turn tv on and every day there are local news on brazilians killing each other for nothing, being aggressive, not polite and so on.

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People in this city treat each other like garbage, there is trash everywhere on the streets, the civil engineering is designed to stop motorists from making deadly turns, a trip to the grocery store is a chore instead of a jaunt, and I was always observant of my surroundings. In fact, when I returned to the States, I noticed that I had developed a habit of always looking behind my back to look out for thieves even though I live in a very safe neighborhood.

Man, you are judging brazilians based on cariocasthis is like judging texans based on travelling to NY. It does not even make senserio de janeiro is a piece of shiet place. cariocas are arrogant, violent, unpolite and empoweredmost brazilians will never go to RJ. I lived there for 3 months and it was the worst experience of my lifego to places like goias (if you wanna see very friendly people), or south brazil (santa catarina), or upstate sao paulo

I think you can have bad experiences everywhere, this list is informative of the experiences of the writer but im brazilian and i lived in europe for a year and i came back because i think people here are much more polite than there, you can find good and bad people everywhere, you should visit us because of our nature and lots of awesome places to visit

Unfortunately there is a real confusion between Americans and Canadians, as if they were they were very very similar countries, and Rio is a well know place where any kind of service provider will treat a tourist as a person that you can charge high fees for a bad service.

Brazilians have always been envious of the Portuguese. The colonization of Brazil only lasted 322 years. They have been independent for more than 200 years and are still butthurt! Portugal left unique architectural and artistic assets in Brazil that are now part of Brazilian culture. Portugal enslaved indigenous people for less than 100 years because the Portuguese church defended them.Portugal abolished slavery in 1761 but Brazil kept slaves until 1888. It was Brazilians who enslaved each other. And do you know why? Because they never wanted to invest in industry. They did not follow the European industrial revolution, so they used slavery. Brazil is a developing country because of the Brazilians who have a corrupt political regime, drug trafficking,poor academic background and violence. Brazil is one of the most violent countries in the world as opposed to Portugal which is one of the safest. brazilian ignorance is bliss.

I am a Brit married to a Brazilian wife and have travelled to Brazil several times. My Brazilian family and friends treat me like a King when I am over there and watch out for me, so have no complaints as I have always been treated well.

The State and Municipalities shall ensure, within their territory and within the limits of their competence, the fullness and guarantee of the rights and social principles provided for in the Federal Constitution and in the international treaties in force in [Brazil], including those concerning urban, rural workers and public servants, as well as the prohibition of discrimination based on religious belief or sexual orientation.[b] 041b061a72


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