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Edgar Nikitin
Edgar Nikitin

Il 7 E L'8

Palermo, January 6, 1975, in the maternity ward of a clinic, nurse Gino La Monica, to re-claim the fate that made him lose the opportunity to win the first prize of the New Year's lottery, since his ticket differs by a single one number compared to the winning one (the 7 instead of the 8), decides to swap the babies in the cribs 7 and 8.

Il 7 e l'8

For the thirty years the two men grow up one in the family of the other, unaware of their swap. Tommaso has become a petty criminal who still lives in his mother's house, a widow, together with his sister Eleonora; while Daniele is a far behind law student, the son of an oppressive Carabinieri colonel, with a relationship to a university assistant, Marcella. Tommaso and Daniele are two deeply different individuals, from their temperament, their personal history and their social level. About thirty years later, a random meeting takes place between them, indeed, a clash: one in a hurry because he's late for an interview with the supervisor of the thesis at the university, the other one while he runs away from the police who's chase him by smuggling.

Destiny brings them together, and a series of elements leads them to realize the swap that has seen them protagonists from infants. From that moment, the awareness of being one instead of the other triggers a series of misunderstandings that seems to never end. When they finally go back to La Monica, who reveals everything to him, a new twist takes over, since while Daniele tries to reveal to his mother that he's not actually his son, the existence of a third father, the biological one of Tommaso, Tommaso "Mimmo" Barresi, who had been sentenced to a long sentence for murder.

As they are investigating, the only clue that Tommaso and Daniele discover on Barresi is a postcard that arrived a few weeks earlier from a mysterious Calabrian country, San Giovanni in Calice. The two therefore leave for the region together with Eleonora, who in the meantime had fallen in love with Daniele; This, before Tommaso reveals the truth. Once to a Franciscan convent, here they make the knowledge of Friar Antonio, from whom they come to know that Barresi died a couple of years earlier. Disappointed, the three return to Palermo where the love at first sight between Tommaso and Marcella, while Eleonora and Daniele learn to love each other as brother and sister, waiting for the propitious time to reveal the truth to their parents who, although they do not suspect anything even though having in the meantime known better following the vicissitudes of their children.

In reality, the friar encountered in San Giovanni in Calice is Mimmo Barresi, prey to remorse for his old life, who, after confronting his superior, leaves the convent determined to take on his paternal responsibilities towards his son.

The scene explaining Tommaso reason for stealing the street signs, because he planned to resell them in stock at a discount to the mayors of Sicilian villages was deleted. The scene however, it is on the special features of the home video edition of the DVD.

Ficarra & Picone, launched by the small screen in cabaret transmissions such as Zelig and L'ottavo nano, after making his debut in the cinema in 2002 as actors in tired births try the great leap in quality by passing to the direction. Shot with the collaboration of Giambattista Avellino.

The movie was shot mainly in Palermo (Province and Altavilla Milicia) and Messina (province and in the medieval village of Santa Lucia del Mela, the latter setting of the fictitious town of San Giovanni in Calice), as well as some sequences in Villa San Giovanni, in the Calabrian province.

The movie was released in Italy on March 16, 2007. It collected about 1 323 000 euros in the first weekend, and totally about 7 730 000 euros. The movie was a hit with the public and received critical acclaim. (In Italy) the DVD was released on September 5, 2007, while the soundtrack on April 13, 2007. The movie was released in Italy on March 16, 2007. It collected about 1 323 000 euros in the first weekend, and totally about 7 730 000 euros.

Indagando, l'unico indizio che Tommaso e Daniele scoprono su Barresi è una cartolina arrivata qualche settimana prima da un misterioso paese calabrese, San Giovanni in Calice. I due partono quindi alla volta della regione insieme a Eleonora, la quale intanto si era invaghita di Daniele; questo, prima che Tommaso le riveli la verità. Giunti a un convento francescano, qui fanno la conoscenza di frate Antonio, dal quale vengono a sapere che Barresi è morto un paio di anni prima. Delusi, i tre tornano a Palermo dove scocca il colpo di fulmine tra Tommaso e Marcella, mentre Eleonora e Daniele imparano a volersi bene come fratello e sorella, aspettando il tempo propizio per svelare la verità ai propri genitori i quali, da par loro, non sospettano nulla pur essendosi nel frattempo conosciuti meglio in seguito alle peripezie dei loro figli.

In realtà, il frate incontrato a San Giovanni in Calice è Mimmo Barresi, preda di rimorsi per la sua vecchia vita, il quale, dopo essersi confrontato con il suo superiore, lascia il convento deciso ad assumersi le sue responsabilità paterne nei confronti del figlio.

Ficarra & Picone, lanciati dal piccolo schermo in trasmissioni cabarettistiche quali Zelig e L'ottavo nano, dopo aver esordito al cinema nel 2002 come attori in Nati stanchi provano il grande salto di qualità passando alla regia. Girato con la collaborazione di Giambattista Avellino.

Il film è stato girato principalmente a Palermo (provincia e Altavilla Milicia) e Messina (provincia e nel borgo medievale di Santa Lucia del Mela, quest'ultimo ambientazione del fittizio paese di San Giovanni in Calice), oltre ad alcune sequenze a Villa San Giovanni, nella provincia calabrese.

È stata eliminata la scena in cui viene spiegato il motivo che spingeva Tommaso a rubare i cartelli stradali, e cioè perché aveva intenzione di rivenderli in stock a prezzo scontato ai sindaci dei paesini siciliani. La scena è presente nei contenuti speciali dell'edizione home video.

Daniele is a distracted student at Law University and he is also, more or less with the same spirit, the boyfriend of a politically correct assistant of a professor. Destiny comes in the way and he meets Tommaso, an unreliable guy, a thief of traffic signs and professional faker, specialized in DVD and phone cards. Tommaso and Daniele were born the same day, in the same city, even in the same hospital. Once they met, despite their wishes, they will never be able to part.

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6th January 1975, in an infant nursery in Palermo (Italy), for a mysterious reason, a male nurse exchanges the labels of baby number 7 and 8. Thirty-one years later Tommaso (7) and Daniele (8) meet each other by accident.

Tommaso and Daniele have radically different personalities, backgrounds and socioeconomic situations. Daniele is studying law in humdrum fashion, and he is just as enthusiastic about his politically correct fiancée, a university teaching assistant. His father, a colonel in the Carabineri Corps, has always kept him in line, warning him to stay away from bums and loafers. But all-knowing fate makes his path cross that of an unsavoury type who steals street signs and counterfeits dvd and telephone calling cards for a living. As luck would have it, the two were born on the same day, in the same town and even the same hospital. Once they meet, they are unable to part, until, finally, a series of small signs leads them to discover the tragicomic truth: they were mistakenly switched in their basinets at the hospital. From that point onward, nothing will be the same., Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Box Office Mojo and IMDb are trademarks or registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy under which this service is provided to you.

Si informano gli utenti che, in occasione della festività dell'Immacolata Concezione, gli uffici della Federazione nazionale della Stampa italiana resteranno chiusi lunedì 7 e martedì 8 dicembre 2020. Riapriranno con i consueti orari mercoledì 9 dicembre.

In models of COPD, environmental stressors induce innate immune responses, inflammasome activation and inflammation. However, the interaction between these responses and their role in driving pulmonary inflammation in stable COPD is unknown.

To investigate the activation of innate immunity and inflammasome pathways in the bronchial mucosa and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) of patients with stable COPD of different severity and control healthy smokers and non-smokers.

Innate immune mediators (interleukin (IL)-6, IL-7, IL-10, IL-27, IL-37, thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP), interferon γ and their receptors, STAT1 and pSTAT1) and inflammasome components (NLRP3, NALP7, caspase 1, IL-1β and its receptors, IL-18, IL-33, ST2) were measured in the bronchial mucosa using immunohistochemistry. IL-6, soluble IL-6R, sgp130, IL-7, IL-27, HMGB1, IL-33, IL-37 and soluble ST2 were measured in BAL using ELISA.

In bronchial biopsies IL-27+ and pSTAT1+ cells are increased in patients with severe COPD compared with control healthy smokers. IL-7+ cells are increased in patients with COPD and control smokers compared with control non-smokers. In severe stable COPD IL-7R+, IL-27R+ and TSLPR+ cells are increased in comparison with both control groups. The NALP3 inflammasome is not activated in patients with stable COPD compared with control subjects. The inflammasome inhibitory molecules NALP7 and IL-37 are increased in patients with COPD compared with control smokers. IL-6 levels are increased in BAL from patients with stable COPD compared with control smokers with normal lung function whereas IL-1β and IL-18 were similar across all groups. 041b061a72


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