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The Sims 1 Objects Hacked

Welcome to Somesimthings. This is a website that I have put together so that anyone who wants to can download my objects. I have been playing The Sims for about Five years, and I have been interested in hacking all the time. I started hacking objects for my own game, and this is my way of sharing them with others. I like to make new functions for my Sims to try out .

The Sims 1 Objects Hacked

I have recently added a few updates, and I have a few more that I'm working on. I have kept all my files, and I've always had the game installed on my PC. Every now and then I play a little. And now I have been looking into some old files and I try to finish some "almost ready" objects. And I'm also working on some new hacks. I don't have that much time to play but IFF Pencil is still fun. On this site you will find objects with Maxis original graphics or graphics Ive made myself. Some have graphics I use with permission. I have done the hacking with first Script Station and later IFF Pencil 2, excellent programs. In the skillbuilding section there are objects to help you improve your skills when you are away from home. There are some hacked toys in the kids section. You can find hacked decorative objects like the Supersculpture and No newspaper sign. I also host objects by mtaman and Ludic. I have written a small hacking tutorial for how to fix the problem with objects disappearing when you go to live mode if you don't have the right expansionpack and some other hacking tutorials for beginners .

All downloads are free. I hope you enjoy these objects. You can clone the ones with Maxis or my own graphics and use your own graphics if you want to, but you must give me credit for the hacking if you put them up for download on a webpage. There is a magic cookie The Sims 2 section was updated on December 22 2009 with a hacked coffee maker. I also have a hacked coffee maker and a hacked bed, and some new meshes. Hedda

I started by submitting my skins to The Sims Resource. Much to my surprise, they achieved relative popularity. So I opened a Tripod site and uploaded my skins and a few objects. Over time I lost interest in skins and became fascinated with the potential of objects in The Sims. I thank the brilliant individuals in the community who made object hacking more accessible. Don Hopkins, Tom van Dijk, and James Sausville come to mind.

Hacked objects in TS1 were objects that were hacked in such a way that they could modify Sim character traits, Sim relationships, or Sim moods just by having a Sim use them, or added other functionality that a cloned or recolored object would not have. Some hacked objects even came with their own new animations. In Sims 1, the hacked functionality of the object was built into the object .iff file itself, though sometimes coming with separate animation files or skin files.

Hacked objects in Sims 2 were not just changed in appearance, but also had added functionality. Like Sims 1, .sims2package files and .package files often contained the hacks. Mod the Sims categorizes these files as Object Mods.

The Sims Depot is not the only site dedicated to the Sims 1. Because the Sims is still being played by so many people around the world, there are dozens of amazing websites, Yahoo! groups and communities on the web still hosting a large number of tools, objects, skins and tutorials for Sims 1 fans such as yourself. Below are the best of the bunch.

Peter of Atelier Quebec has converted a lot of items from The Sims Online. He has made skins, meshes, animations, object graphics, and has even created some fully functioning objects using those graphics (such as bunk beds and the band object). Anyone is free to make objects using the graphics he provides. Here's what I've come up with so far.

Original TSO Elevator Graphics (above) - These are the original Maxis/EA graphics (Thanks to Peter of Atelier Quebec) so fit into the game wonderfully. Maxis was not too concerned with making the files as small as possible, however, so these 3 objects weigh in at about 1.5 meg each.

Lighting in the sims is far from realistic. While light can be seen on flooring and walls it does not "shine" on objects at all. This makes using "mood lighting" in your designs extremely difficult.

These coffee tables have been hacked to allow sims to sit on them. The sims sit forward a little bit leaving room for an object in the center. This also leaves room for another sim to sit behind them. While two sims can sit on this item at the same time they are not technically sitting "together" so they don't chat with each other.

A functioning dresser that allows you to use the top as a surface that will hold objects that have been flagged at "height 9", meaning any objects that will go on the souvenir (Vac) or awards (UL,SS) shelves/cabinets can be set on this dresser as well.

The Semi-deco bed was made in response to a request by Simnut1 as an alternative to deco-only beds. As with deco-only beds these beds have only 1 graphic state (instead of 3 or 4). Unlike deco-only beds, however, these objects still function as real bed.The effect is similar to a player using a deco-only bed and invisible bed combination so, yes, the Sims will still bleed through the bedding. The semi-deco bed has 3 distinct advantages, however. Using 1 object instead of 2 uses less resources and means less hunting through buymode, the player can click on this version to direct the sim to Sleep, and since there isn't a "messy" graphic to warn the player when the bed is untidy the semi-deco beds have an additional"No Mess" hack.No EP Required

Hacked Bookcase/Hutch (blank)Hacked Bookcase/Hutch with Apple Snack (blank) 'Pantry de Provence style. These kitchen hutches are bookcases hacked to allow Sims to study for Outdoors and Food Interests, as well as retaining the Maxis bookcase functions. 'Learn more about Food' is only available when you have Hot Date or higher installed

"Point of Interest" Base One of my biggest pet peeves about my sims is that I would build wonderful, relaxing gardens, beaches, and sitting rooms, but my silly sims never bothered to sit down, relax and just enjoy the great view I'd provided. When a request was posted at Simblesse Oblige's Suggestion Box forum asking for an invisible television (to use so sims would pay attention to social events, lectures, concerts, and the like) I realized it was the perfect time to clear up that old pet peeve of mine.

This object will attract Sims to come over and have fun gazing at it just as they might watch a TV. This object has no sounds associated with it but sims can still enjoy it enough to point and laugh.

Sometimes "objects" are actually a set of objects working together. Traditionally these objects are found as separate Iff Files and so must be cloned separately. The object maker must then do a bit of hacking inside of each object to make the new set work together as one again.

S.S.o.W.'s "Easy to Clone" (aka "EZ Clone") files are iff files with all of the associated objects merged into a single iff allowing you to clone all of the pieces simultaneously. When you clone everything together the cloning program does the necessary hacking for you.

Designed to match the Unleashed cafe pieces, the NPC wears a uniform to match Travelin' Joe's so they can be used in the same cafe or replace the two unleashed versions for smaller cafes, allowing you to decrease the number of NPCs present on a community lot. This cart is available for residential use. If you decide to delete the cafe cart from a residential lot use the move_objects cheat to remove the NPC.

Expansion packs often add to the existing objects giving them new features. As fun as this is during game-play it becomes frustrating for object makers who would like to share their work with everyone.

This series of bases is intended to allow object makers to do just that: make and share objects that work without any expansion pack requirements while retaining the additional features that the expansion packs have to offer those who've got them installed

If any problems are spotted please drop me a line so I can adjust the bases (or webpage text) accordingly. Like the rest of SSoW's objects, these bases are free to clone and recolor for free distribution. Please credit S.S.o.W for the helping hand and link back to in case others need to find no-EP bases as well.

Welcome to Somesimthings 2. This is where I store the objects I have made for Sims 2. I am mainly creating for Sims 1, but I have started to make things for Sims 2 as well. Just as with my Sims 1 object creating, I started out hard with a hacked object using a custom mesh. Thanks to all the good tutorials you can find surfing it ended up as a playable object.

The hacks are not very complicated, but I have been able to hack the beds and coffeemakers to give them more comfort and energy, and add to other needs as well. I am planning to make more objects now and then, but I will be concentrating on my Sims 1 objects, at least for now. Since making new 3D meshes and hacking Sims 2 files still is a bit experimental you should be careful when you use these objects. I have used them in my game without any problems, but I can't guarantee they will work for you. All objects are University compatible.

Clotted Cream bathroom with Gold Taps for SS: Bath (hacked so Sims will not shoo other Sims out of the room if they are having a bath - no-privacy hack by Inge Jones of ), counter (needs Vac), paintings, hacked toilet that gives energy boost, sink (hacked so Sims will not wash dishes in it), short mirror, jar, fireplace, wall, fire alarm.

As your Sim levels up and selects one of the two branches, the daily tasks vary. They range from performing mean interactions to upgrading objects for the Boss branch, and hacking or making viruses for the Oracle branch.


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