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Awde Negest 17: A Free and Easy Way to Discover Your Personality and Destiny

Free Download Awde Negest 17: How to Learn Ethiopian Astrology with This App

If you are interested in learning about Ethiopian astrology, then you might want to download Awde Negest 17 for free. Awde Negest 17 is an app that allows you to access the famous Ethiopian astrology book Awde Negest, which means The Book of Kings in English. Awde Negest is a traditional knowledge that divines the personality and behavior of a person, gives prediction and advises about different aspects of life, such as marriage, travel, enmity, pregnancy, trial, illness, business and so much more.

free download awde negest 17

Awde Negest 17 is an app that is easy to use and fun to explore. It has 60 categories to choose from, and each category gives you a result based on the letters of your name, place, month and other fields that you enter. You can only enter Ge'ez/Amharic letters on the required fields, as Awde Negest relies only on these letters. You can also share your results with your friends and family through social media or messaging apps.

In this article, we will show you how to download Awde Negest 17 for free and how to use it to learn Ethiopian astrology.

How to Download Awde Negest 17 for Free