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Try to power on plane with the drive trimmed out, and the prop will dig a hole behind the boat, and the bow will point skyward, probably blocking your view forward, as the boat struggles to plane. You may get on plane eventually, but you are wasting fuel and putting undue stress on the engine.

How to TRIM your BOAT, with OUTBOARD or STERNDR...

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Now you know what trim tabs do on a boat and how they do it, you may be wondering what trim tabs you need. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for trim tabs. The size of the tab you need depends on several factors, including the engine, weight of the boat, length of the boat, weight distribution and type of boat, among other things.

Whether or not you are driving a MerCruiser-powered boat, it is important to understand how to trim your sterndrive properly, and to practice the procedure until you can do it by feel without needing more than take a quick glance at the trim gauge. However, with a MerCruiser sterndrive equipped with Auto Trim and Adaptive Speed Control, this innovative Mercury technology automatically will ensure that your boat is performing efficiently, freeing you up to enjoy the ride.

One of the best ways to make sure that children stay entertained while on board your boat is to teach them how to drive the boat. Not only will they be more engaged with the boat and the natural setting ...

Solution: If you have adjusted your prop trim, chances are that your trim tabs (if you have them) are not properly adjusted. Or, you simply might be going too fast for the water conditions. Slow down, check your prop trim, then start putting the tabs down gradually with one-second taps to the control buttons. Experiment to find the optimum ride.

There are two common means of adjusting at speed trim in planing powerboats. One of these is trim tabs, a pair of adjustable tabs or flaps mounted on the transom (some larger inboard powered boats incorporate them into a recess in the hull bottom), which work much like the elevators on an aircraft. The other is by adjusting the angle of an outboard or sterndrive drive leg relative to the transom.

At speed with an outboard or sterndrive, adjusting the propeller closer to the transom, commonly referred to as trimming in, raises the transom and pushes the bows down. Trimming out, adjusting the leg away from the transom, lowers the stern and raises the bows.

Trim tabs work by adjusting (usually electric/hydraulically at the touch of a switch) the tab up away from contact with the passing water; or down (sometimes also referred to as trimming in, or digging the tabs in) further into the water. Adjust the tabs down, into harder contact with the water if you like, and the aft end lifts and the bows lower. Adjust them up, easing contact with the water, and the transom squats lower and the bows rise.

Side-to-side (lateral) trim adjustment is really there to compensate for the effects of strong winds on one side of the hull, and not to straighten up a boat leaning over from all the people aboard sitting on one side. Similarly, a bows heavy boat re-trimmed with a set of tabs and/or the drive leg is still a bows heavy boat.

Although grossly inappropriate trim angles are obvious enough, even experienced skippers habitually familiarise themselves with an unfamiliar boat. For the less experienced, a few simple exercises will reveal a lot about an individual boat and will meanwhile generate a much better understanding of trim and the adjustment of it to suit different conditions.

It goes without saying, but is worth saying anyway. You should be completely au fait about loading your boat to trim it correctly and be comfortable using the trim adjustments provided on every planing powerboat to cater for changing conditions before even thinking about going to sea.

Permatrim keeps your boat permanently in trim, gets you on the plane quicker and allows you to plane at slower speeds in rough water. And you do not have to move your passengers forward to get on the plane.

Marine Direct will ensure you will get the correct Permatrim for your engine and boat! Delivery Australia wide is only $20 or $25 depending on size. If you are in a remote area or ordering multiple Permatrims then their may be a freight surcharge. You will be advised prior to shipping and we will bill you in arrears.

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Sterndrives provide the boater with a versatile range of trim. This allows you to raise the sterndrive when loading/unloading or when in shallow water. It also allows smoother rides when trimmed up. Trimming down allows quicker acceleration. However, inboards draw less than a sterndrive does if the sterndrive is down (inboards need less water to float). Sterndrives draw less when slightly tilted up.

The Outboard Class offers powerful cruising with a modern quiet ride. Great in saltwater, these outboard boats are engineered for efficiency, ease of maintenance, and year-round readiness with a variety of power options.

An all-new Quicksilver transom assembly for Mercury MerCruiser installations will ensure that your repower effort is a complete success.The transom assembly is a critical component that serves as a primary engine mount, controls the steering and manages the trim system.The transom also serves the important function of sealing seawater outside the boat.ALSO INCLUDES:TRIM HOSES,INNER TRANSOM PLATE AND MOUNTING HARDWARE.

Occasionally referred to as "inboard/outboards" (or I/O for short) because of the simple fact that they combine a inboard engine with an outer drive unit very similar to an outboard motor, sterndrives join the motor driveshaft to the sterndrive device via a flexible U-joint at the transom. Power is then redirected via a set of gears downhill via a driveshaft within the housing before once more redirected 90-degrees aft via an additional set of gears that twist the propshaft. A clutch permits the propshaft to twist in both forward or reverse direction, or disengage completely when in neutral.

As to fuel economy, push systems are similar at slow speeds, but sterndrive and Forward Drive typically prove superior to V-Drive at higher speeds. Again, trim plays a role, with all the trimmable drives able to dramatically lower their wetted surface. Jet boats are quickest off the starting line but they generally lack on fuel efficiency and top speed.

Sterndrives are the jack of all trades, making strong performance whether skiing and wakeboarding or just cruising with friends. They can not rival a V-drive's wake operation for the hardcore wakeboarding enthusiast, but they can deal with a bigger assortment of water conditions, get superior gas mileage when compared with V-drives at high speeds, and can be trimmed to possess the lowest draft of any of the three drive alternatives. The one glaring drawack? They absolutely cannot be used for wakesurfing. The prop is just too exposed.

Load your boat with your entire family or head out for a fishing trip. Whether you boat for work or play, get your boat on plane faster, with improved fuel economy, lower minimum planning speed, more responsive engine trim control, and less bow rise while accelerating.

Jet drive boats can be harder to steer than the other drive systems listed here and the wake they produce is often more turbulent. Additionally, waterborne debris can get sucked into jet drives more easily, which can lead to vibrations and issues with propulsion, steering and handling. Furthermore sterndrives tend to handle rough water better than jet boats and can be trimmed to adjust to water conditions, whereas jet drives cannot.

As to fuel economy, drive systems are similar at slow speeds, but sterndrive and Forward Drive both typically prove superior to V-Drive at higher speeds. Again, trim plays a role, with the trimmable drives able to dramatically reduce their wetted surface. Jet boats are fastest off the starting line but they generally lack on fuel efficiency and top speed.

Reliable, durable, and strong, these engines will get you where you need to go with the most complete line of outboard power. These engines are perfect for speedboats, fishing vessels, pontoons, and more!

Talking all things power with Jeffrey Becker, Category Manager for 150hp and above outboards for Mercury Marine. Learn more about the unique features in the 600hp V12, along with a sneak peek of the engine block under the electronically actuated quick-release cowl hood.

Inspecting and replacing the sacrificial anodes on an outboard or sterndrive is an important maintenance task that is often overlooked by boat owners. In this video, Quicksilver professional angler Bailey Boutries demonstrates how to change the anodes on his Yamaha outboard using a Quicksilver anode kit. It's a great DIY task, and Quicksilver offers replacement anode kits for every popular engine brand, all of which meet OEM specifications. Your owner's manual should help you locate the anodes for your particular engine model as well as the specific OEM part number a Quicksilver Anode kit will replace. 041b061a72


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