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Links For 2008-01-08

NOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF COUNCIL MEETING 072720212021 12 14 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 11 29 Special Meeting Agenda2021 11 23 City Council Cancellation Notice2021 11 09 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 10 27 Special Meeting Agenda2021 10 26 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 10 12 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 09 28 Agenda (With Staff Reports) AMENDED2021 09 14 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 08 31 Special Meeting Agenda (with links)(AMENDED)2021 08 26 Special Meeting Cancellation Notice2021 08 24 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 08 10 Agenda (With Staff Reports) AMENDEDNOTICE OF CANCELLATION OF COUNCIL MEETING 072720212021 07 13 Agenda (With Staff Reports) AMENDEDSpecial City Council Agenda 2021 06 29 (With Staff Reports)2021 06 22 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 06 16 Special Meeting Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 06 08 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 05 25 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 05 20 Special Meeting Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 05 11 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 05 06 Budget Workshop Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 04 27 Agenda (With Staff Reports) Amended2021 04 13 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 04 07 Special Joint Meeting Agenda2021 03 31 Special Meeting (With Staff Reports)2021 03 23 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 03 19 Special Meeting Agenda2021 03 18 Special Meeting Rec and Parks Interviews2021 03 09 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 03 02 Special Meeting Agenda2021 02 23 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 02 09 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 01 26 Agenda (With Staff Reports)2021 01 12 Agenda (With Staff Reports) REVISED2021 01 11 Special Meeting Agenda (With Staff Reports)

links for 2008-01-08


Berlin, 2008-01-08: With a new trailer for BountyBay Online, Frogster starts the countdown for the long-anticipatedcolony add-on today. The second large expansion for the sailorMMORPG will be launched on Thursday, January 15th. With theupcoming content package, player guilds will be able to establishentire colonies complete with towns and harbours in the historicalexplorer setting. The update allows guilds to create theirindividual home territory and retreat, as well as a profitabletrading base. Once created, guilds choose the appearance of theirown colonies and control their development and commercialpolicies.

However, I think this hides these links somewhat. If someone is quickly looking to navigate to the uploaded packages page they'd need to scroll down the page and find the link. Presenting them in the sub-menu keeps them more visible for quicker navigation.

I agree with having links at the end of each section. If we had a smarter Related Software page, these links would be easier to find without scrolling. For example, the "Failures", "Bugs", "Blueprints", and "Questions" columns don't seem particularly useful (at least, not for a summary page); if they were removed, the page could use a two-column layout if the window was wide enough (something like float: left; min-width: 20em; width: 49%; for each of the sections).

For the sake of getting this page functional again, for now I am going to do the navigation tabs because it's the least amount of work. They are trivial to add and remove so I can change them in favour of in-line links later if needs be, when the summary page is redesigned. For now, I think it's more important to get the other sections batched so the information that people need is available.


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