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Best Password Manager For Mac

Writing down passwords on a slip of paper or in a text file is not a secure way to store them and never will be. You need a sturdy password management app for the job. For now, let's focus on the best password manager for Mac users.

Best Password Manager For Mac


This setup (iCloud Keychain) lets you store website logins, Wi-Fi passwords, credit card information, and so on. Your data stays accessible across all your Apple devices. iCloud Keychain integrates with Safari and ensures that filling of usernames, passwords, and other data is smooth and automatic.

If you haven't used a password manager before or if you have only Apple devices, iCloud Keychain is the simplest and most obvious solution to choose. If you decide to go with it, our iCloud Keychain guide will come in handy.

The app has a unique free feature called Password Changer. This lets you update old passwords on many of your favorite websites automatically. With a premium subscription to Dashlane, you get unlimited passwords, secure storage for files, and even a VPN option. What's more, you can then use Dashlane on any number of devices.

Polarizing pricing models aside, 1Password is the best there is. Name the feature you want in your password management app and 1Password probably has it. It's versatile enough to be perfect for individuals, families, and businesses alike.

You'll love that you can generate one-time passwords for services with two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled from the Secrets app itself. We consider Secrets one of the best authenticator apps to generate 2FA codes on macOS.

If you want an open source cross-platform password manager or just want to ensure that your data gets stored locally, KeePassXC might work for you. It stores your passwords and other sensitive information in an encrypted database file on your Mac.

The app's interface looks a little dated. But if you can look past that, you'll find that KeePassXC is a nice and efficient solution for managing your passwords on macOS. It has dedicated extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi, and Chromium. It doesn't have an extension for Opera, but it's easy to get one since you can install Chrome extensions in Opera.

MiniKeePass app supports the KDBX file format, which is the database format your KeePassXC passwords get saved in. If you move the database file to the cloud, you can keep your passwords in sync across your macOS and iOS devices.

While we have narrowed down our main list to five of the best Mac password manager apps, quite a few other good ones are available online. Of course, which of them appeal to you depends on what you're looking for. Take a look at these choices too:

You know how important it is to create a strong password that you won't forget. You can use helpful tools to create strong passphrases. But do you really want to take on the burden of generating and then remembering a long list of unique passwords? It's best to outsource both tasks to a password manager app---that's what they're built for, after all!

A secure password manager is a start, but the best password app or provider you can download also helps you create secure passwords. Some even handle two-factor authorization (2FA) to give you an added layer of protection online.

Secrets for Mac is one of the best password managers you can use. Backed by the industry-standard PGP (pretty good protection) protocol, Secrets houses all your logins and personal data in an virtually impenetrable vault.

Password generation is also easy with Secrets. Each login file has a password tool that helps you create passwords using whatever rule the website or app has. You can toggle its various settings to curate a password that suits whatever needs you have.

Available on Mac and iPhone, Step Two is the fastest, easiest way to generate and use 2FA codes. Its time-based, one-time passwords (TOTP) refresh every minute, and can be used on any site requiring TOFT codes including Amazon, Twitter, and Google.

The web based Lastpass is popular for its simple interface. It helped make password vaults less daunting, creating a simple, easy to understand environment where users could create, host, categorize, and share passwords.

Lastpass offers a ton of features for personal or business use, and passwords can be shared with family, friends, or colleagues from within the website itself. Naturally, Lastpass has an iOS app with all the same functionality as the site.

Viewed by many as the gold standard for password management, 1Password is an industry leader. It offers a highly secure vault, robust password generation, browser extensions, and a service that monitors how old your passwords are so you can generate new ones routinely.

The $4.99 per month Premium plan lifts the password storage limitation, works on unlimited devices, and includes dark web scanning and a VPN. The $7.49 per month family plan offers all the same features for up to five others.

As you can see, there are plenty of password managers to choose from. The best offer secure password generation, a secure vault to house your data, browser extensions, and the ability to work on mobile and desktop while keeping your data synced to the cloud.

A good password manager minimizes this risk by helping you use strong, unique passwords for each site you visit and gives you easy access to those passwords when you need them. Of all the great password managers out there, 1Password is the best.

The problem with the second scenario is that it takes a lot of time. Having to dig out your password every time you try to log in to a website is very inefficient, especially if you have to do this multiple times per day. In addition, few things are as infuriating as when you mistype it and have to do it all again.

The way to combine the ease of simple logins with the security of strong, unique passwords is to use a password manager. By storing your unique passwords securely in a password manager that presents them when you need them (i.e. when trying to log in to a specific site), you can give your productivity a boost without compromising online security.

LEARN MORESecuritySecurity is critical for online password management services that sync your secure data across devices. While several services and apps we looked at offered strong security options, 1Password offers the best security options and manages to do so without compromising ease-of-use.

When signing up for a account, there are several different options available, but one new change is that you are strongly encouraged to have a account in order to sync your data. You can still go into the Advanced tab in the preferences and use a local primary vault, but it is clear that 1Password would prefer you sign up for an account. So while still technically possible to sync your data via services like Dropbox and iCloud, using a account definitely results in better performance (we never found ourselves waiting for our data to sync from one device to another in our testing). If you are upgrading from an older version and are ready to create an account, the migration process is simple.

The Personal version is for single users and is $2.99/month (when paid annually). There is also a Family version which $4.99/month and includes up to 5 family members (additional family members can be purchased for $1/month). 1Password for Families gives you the ability to share passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and more, and also gives you the ability to recover accounts for locked out family members. If you are the tech person in your family and have family members who have bad tech habits, adding them to your 1Password for Families account might save you a lot of headaches come the holidays.

Dashlane may be the most fully-featured 1Password competitor, offering a couple of different tiers. The free version gives you full access to the app features but limits the number of stored passwords to 50. The Premium version is $4.99/month and removes this limit, plus gives you Dark Web monitoring to let you know if your data has been leaked and a VPN service that helps keep you anonymous on public WiFi networks. The Premium Plus plan is $9.99/month, and gives you real-time credit monitoring and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage.

In short, 1Password is the best app for managing your passwords because it offers a great design that is easy to use, killer security features that are second to none, and the flexibility to securely store just about any kind of private data.

When you go to create an account on a website, Safari (iOS or macOS) will suggest a very strong password and then offer to remember it. It will then sync that information over iCloud Keychain to all your other devices. This feature helps keep users from reusing the same password over and over again.

DataVault Password Manager for Mac protects confidential information such as passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and financial information using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most powerful technology to keep your data safe. Get peace of mind with the best password manager for Mac. Download DataVault Password Manager today!

"Does exactly what it is supposed to do. Makes my life much easier to have all of my passwords and login information in one location, synced across my various devices. I have been using this for several years without any problems."

A service like this will create a new, complex password for each of your online accounts, storing the whole lot in a digital vault protected by a single master password. When you decide to access, say, your retirement savings account, the password manager can log you in, much like those universal log-in privileges provided to Facebook and Google account holders.

Consumer Reports tested password manager apps and websites, looking at a number of criteria and using a variety of tools. Are the password managers resistant to known exploits or techniques hackers can use to take advantage of vulnerabilities? Do they use up-to-date methods to encrypt their data? Do they have strict controls for making sure your master password is robust?


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