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Block Story (iPhone, Android) Free

When you hide your story from your followers on Instagram, they can not view your story. It will be private and only visible to your selected person. The blocked person cannot realize it. They can not find not without being so genius to figure it out.

Block Story (iPhone, Android)

Well, it is a privacy feature from Instagram. So the platform keeps it secret from other users and maintains your privacy. It is one kind of private setting from public viewing. If you block someone close or have mutual friends in a group, they may discuss your story, and the blocked person can find out the truth. Otherwise, there is no risk of restricting someone.

Therefore, knowing how to block someone from seeing your Snapchat story becomes even more important. This article is all about Snapchat stories, their features, and how to hide Snapchat stories.

Snapchat story to share your day in pictures or videos. Sharing your experiences on Snapchat stories is a perfect way to keep your friends updated on your daily activities. Your story will be visible to all of your contacts until you block them from viewing your stories.

You can follow the same process as mentioned above to hide your story from a specific individual. In case you are irritated by someone who regularly keeps watching your stories, the best way to get rid of him/her is by simply blocking them from your story. This can be done by following the below instructions.

When someone blocks you from seeing their stories, there is still a way to view their stories without them knowing. There is no better way than to use KidsGuard Pro for Android to access someone's stories, even if they have blocked you from Snapchat stories. In the following section, we will take a closer look at this hidden Snapchat story viewer and discuss its powerful features and specifications.