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Buy Sell Charge Cell Lafayette La

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buy sell charge cell lafayette la

Dealers that purchase items for resale should provide the seller with a valid Louisiana resale exemption certificate, and not pay sales tax on these purchases. If the state sales tax has already been paid to the seller, the dealer will be required to obtain a refund of the sales tax paid on resale purchases from the seller. If you paid state sales tax on a purchase for resale, you will need to provide a valid Louisiana resale certificate to the dealer who made the sale to receive a refund or credit. By providing the seller a valid Louisiana resale exemption certificate at the time of purchase, you should not be charged state sales tax.

No. Retailers provided an optimal product mix for the retailer to maximize revenue based on the demographics of the stores' customer base and traffic. Also, administrative law prevents retailers from selling tickets at a price other than what is established by the corporation, nor may retailers charge a surcharge to cash winning tickets.

However, there are penalties for buyers and sellers if the firearm was sold to an ineligible person, selling a defaced firearm or selling a restricted firearm (explosive weapon, machine gun), which can result in different criminal charges including and up to a felony criminal charge. 041b061a72


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