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Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II Movie Download In Mp4 |TOP|

Digital Ghost was a German-language Star Trek fan film set within the continuity of the Star Trek: The Next Generation movies. It is the story of two (previously unseen) Starfleet officers from USS Enterprise-E (played by Erich Redman and German Big Brother star Kerstin Klinz) delegated to test the next, completely automated starship, the Enterprise-HC. The film was directed by Thomas Wolff, produced by Joost van Wingerden, with CGI from Tobias Richter (later involved in production of ST New Voyages and Axanar).[4][5]

Star Trek New Voyages: Phase II Movie Download In Mp4


A series with fifty produced episodes, the series is set shortly after the end of the Dominion War and centers on the starship Excelsior and its home base, Deep Space 12, as they mediate disputes between various races and fend off attacks from a powerful new alien race, the Grey. Fan Films Quarterly listed Hidden Frontier as one of the ten most pivotal moments in fan film history in its Summer 2006 issue.[citation needed] The BBC in 2006 called the series "the most prominent" Star Trek fan film following Star Trek: Enterprise's cancellation.[33] Hidden Frontier spawned several spinoffs: four live-actions series (Voyages of the USS Angeles- prequel, Star Trek: Odyssey, The Helena Chronicles, and Federation One), the 23rd-century movie era audio series Star Trek: Grissom, two 24th-century audio series (Henglaar, M.D. and Diplomatic Relations), and three videos made jointly with Starship Intrepid Productions.

Starship Valiant is based on the original star trek series taking place approximately during the latter half of the third and beginning of the fourth season of that show. The series has the distinction of being the first fan series to star an African American first officer and then promoted to captain of the USS Valiant. There has been three full episodes running at 24-26 minutes and a special preview of a proposed episode that would have been feature length but the CBS guidelines prevented the feature length episode from being made. The show is still in production.[57] (2014).

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