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Edgar Nikitin
Edgar Nikitin

Perfect Blue(1997)

Very cool design, great printing yet seems to be a bit sticky - I hope it'll pass through a few machine washes. It happened with another tshirt ordered from NC, but other clothes from the same order are perfectly normal.. xo

Perfect Blue(1997)

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Junko Iwao is sublime in the role of Mima; her voice acting is equally magnificent with Kon's design, while the animation style captures perfectly the lack of borders between fantasy and reality that forms the central axis of the film.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying boy bands, reality tv, or movies produced by Hollywood, of course. The problem lies within those worshipping and idolizing human beings, who are in fact as fallible and flawed as we are. The pressure is put on celebrities to exclude a false perfect image to appease the masses, and this very concept and the psychological damage it can cause is at the core of Perfect Blue.

When someone posts on social media, you are curating what others on the same platform are able to perceive about them. Social media users are presenting an image, and as most people only post the positives of their life and things they like, they are presenting a perfect image. This is not to say you should begin posting about your life's mistakes, this is meant to illustrate how we, like Japanese pop idols or other celebrities, curate a perfect version of ourselves on social media, even for those of us whose only followers are family members.

Although the results may not be as extreme, we still feel the effects of the perfection constantly displayed on social media. Other people's lives seem better than some because although a social media user sees their own faults and their bad angles, their audience doesn't. Their audience sees their life as perfect, their bodies as perfect, among other things, and feel pressure to make their life as happy and perfect as what they see emulated on social media.

A very touching film about Japanese children who are abandoned by their mother in their apartment and left on their own. It's movie that perfectly encapsulates the world of kids and its alignment with this story is both heartbreaking and joyful. Their innocence will make you smile from ear to ear until moments come where you will shed tears. This is a film everyone should have watched, it breaks my heart how little-known it is. 041b061a72


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