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Need For Speed Undercover (Full-Rip-Add-on Video)

In the 23rd and 24th centuries, traveling to the edges of the cosmos is as simple as pushing a button, presuming you've got a well-stocked store of dilithium crystals. The enlisted members of Starfleet enjoy spacecraft capable not only of moving at a significant fraction of light speed but of dispensing with this universal constant altogether. Who needs relativity, anyway?

Need For Speed Undercover (Full-Rip-Add-on Video)

The speed of light has an intrinsic relationship with causality. Once you go beyond it, the past, present, and future get a little wibbly-wobbly. We won't get into the mathematical weeds here. If you want a moderately simple explanation, check out the below video from PBS, but suffice it to say that once you get sufficiently beyond the speed of light, time goes totally out the window.

Rollins should be fired. Period. Her gambling is too big of an issue to look past because of staff problems. She was willing to do anything sexual for Declan and that's worse. Going to talk to the rape victim as a detective that Rollins saw previously under the guise of being a club member - OUTRAGEOUS. TOUCHING the rape victim, even more outrageous. Threatening a pregnant woman with a gun - loaded or not - even undercover too - is wrong wrong wrong. I would have less problem with this episode had she been canned at the end. There is no excuse for them to keep her on in the face of such horrible behavior. You are right Chris, she was willing to do anything even before she knew Declan was in law enforcement.She cannot be trusted with anything. I have always liked Donal. Get rid of Dean Winters (sorry Dean, but Cassidy has become a tired character now) and bring in Donal. This show needs a cast with SPARK and he would bring it.It would help if Raul actually appeared on the show in more than the credits. Nice story though, they worked it out well - up until her keeping her job, that is.Is someone giving Benson crabby pills? Why are they making her so cold and stern? Is it the stereotype that all women bosses have to be cold and bitchy? Mistake, I say. They're ruining the Sarge!Turns out the only one whose radar was working correctly was Amaro. He was "stalkerish" but he has had Rollins number for a lot longer than the others.

Freshbrood, either you didn't see the whole episode or didn't read the whole recap. He took a video of their encounter in order to show IAB that nothing happened and he used that time alone in the room to explain to Rollins he was undercover. The details are toward the end of my recap.

also, I just discovered that you can buy a model of the car. Need to track one down and correct the colour of the front air intakes and change the pink to red LOL! -for-speed-undercover-164-porsche-911-gt2-omg/

Cmon Andy don't u feel kinda cheated that the car u worked so hard 2 design doesn't even get to be enjoyed by us nfs fans. I freakin LOVE the car dude favorite porshe I've seen in my life such a sick car man good work. I mean I think the kit's in the ps2 version but what about everyone else? Wouldn't YOU personally like to be able to pop in undercover and get to drive a car that u designed. there r even a lot of videos showing the main character driving the porsche, not some emo girl that doesn't deserve to be driving such a badass car, such as the trailer, commercial, and in-game pursuit movie ea made where the cops say "stand down I repeat stand down that's OUR man ur chasing? Hmmm, rose certainly wasn't undercover but look who ended up with ur Porsche Now march up to ea and tell them to include the car or at least the kit for ALL platforms for this upcoming patch.

yow andy i just want you and that stupid ripoff EA to know that i got undercover the day it came out and was disapointed to learn that u cannot drive that porsche, which makes me feel that i got ripped off.and a personal message to EA...u gus hu made undercover are full of shit. if u make some videos of a game then plzz make sure that the game is giong to be something like it NOT SOME THING TOTALLY OPPISIT.i presonally thing that ea should go back to MOST WANTED and make a game similer to nfs most wanted....but with that gt2 andy disigned.

________________________________________________________ Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine #16 (February 1993) Gangsta Limpin by Funken-Klein Booty-licious. Hey Scotty, what that mean? Who axed you?? This just in ... HI-C CUTS HIS HAIR. GHERI CURL STOCK IN RAPID DECLINE. Yeah, you know it’s that time again. Here’s the gangsta limpin/rollin Best of ’92: Most illinest B boy - Dookey #1 B girl- Sheena Lester, Rap Pages Best underground - Funky Town Pros Worst demo - Tim Dog Best demo- Cypress Hill “Psycho Beta” Harshest Jack Move on BASIC- Naughty by Nature Most lasers in a spine (6) - me Who has the deffest G- me Worst TV personality - Doug Llewelyn, People’s Court Most hype- House of Pain/Sista Souljah Most talent behind bars - Amazing G, Lifer’s Group Best UK MC - Midrange (he sings too) Most resembling Sugar Foot (Ohio Players) - Rockbarry Most missed NYC restaurant - BBQ (Roscoe’s can’t phuck with it) Most overused of rap slang - Matti “ Cypher” C. Source Most overlooked track - Cypress “Born to get Busy” Most fast forwarded cassette - PE Best store to loot in the next riot - Circuit City Best new Sat Night Live character (besides Operaman) - Orgasm Guy Weakest mascot at the college bowl games - the Syracuse Orange Q: who said “ c’mon shake your boom boom boom” (answer below). I finally met the infamous Tweety Bird Loc (Par), whose name we’ve seen on various charts. Out west here, we’re hearin a lot about Ron G’s uptown Harlem mix tapes. Nobody sent me one for Christmas. My man Q-Tip is buggin in a Silence of the Lambs mask in that “ Hot Sex” video. I personally recommend the Zebra Head movie and soundtrack, but I’m in the minority. Good job Serch. I wanna see Hoffa. West coast Breeze returns with “ It Aint Funky No Mo” (Hollywood & Vine), owned by LA Posse’s Dwayne/Muffla. Why are so many new rap videos shot in boxing rings? Guess they ran out of DJs on piers. Rhino Records has Rap Declares War, with all the rap songs that have sampled War in the past couple years. Old school lyrical flashback, “I got the modification to alterate.” What the hell did that mean? That new Nena Cherry single “ Money Love” (Virgin) is kinda noisy. Now what the f*ck is PM Dawn doin on Boomerang ... singin?? It gets no SOFTer! Carmen Elektra is tryin to rap. So is Prince. Check out a jam on the new LP called “Seven.” What’s up to Dion from Inglewood’s First Ammendment. Recently, an LA gang was caught with a full size missile launcher. Probably savin its debut for the Reginald Denny verdict. The shit aint over yet. Disney just bought a hockey team. Thought you’d like to know. They also just added a new attraction called Toon Town at Disneyland. Next time you’re in Hollywood, give BASIC a call a couple days ahead. Rockbarry will take you. Bring a wheelchair and ya get to go up the exit. Is that Ronin Ro from the Freshmen “ Who Me” (Select) writing for the Source? Check out the uncensored Japanese footage on Luke’s new video. Caught LL on Oprah with Robin Williams pumpin their movie “ Toys”. Infamous EMI hypemaster Lindsey “ why you dissin me Dave” Williams finally got married. Heard the Funky Bunch was the house band at the reception. But seriously, congratulations to LW and Jana. The continued hype on Marky Mark and his Funky Bunch makes me wanna fuckin puke, he should jump on the Rob and Fab reunion tour. PM Dawn should get on it too, hosted by John Tesh and Doug Llewelyn. Some of the recently reformed gang bangers have started a new clothing line called G-wear. They also sell Jimmy (baseball) hats with a condom on the side. Hollywood Palladium continues to live up to their rep with the recent holiday dance beat down festival. Always skanless Casual-T went to Germany and ate McDonalds. Heard there’s a Dan Quayle museum in Indiana. Probably a lotta empty space. You can book a reservation at the nearby luxurious Motel 6. Pretty sure I heard Sista Dee doin voice-overs on “ Studs.” Throwin tortillas at the Rose Parade was prohibited this year. Why? Vanillaman’s limo broke and he supposedly called a helicopter to pick him up. Ad of the month - B-Nice’s Wild Pitch letter in the Bomb and One Nut. (A: Osmond Bros, “ Down By the Lazy River.” (Shadow told me... psych) OK Tito, you got it!) ________________________________________________________ Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine #18 (April 1993) Gangsta Limpin by Funken-Klein I’d like to thank all the fans up in the balcony... the deffest new ride for 93 is called a Hummer (or Humvee)! It’s a cross between a jeep and a tank, and is available in Beverly Hills for about $200,000. Heard Schwartzenegger has one, and so does someone who parks by me at Disney. Arrested Dev’s next LP is live in concert from the Ed Sullivan show, and the JB’s are finally “Troopin On The Down Lo” (WB). Def American parked a giant Mix-A-Lot ass (back) outside the Grammies in LA. Score one for the Shockmaster and Charnas. Where’s my knuckles? Shaquile O’Neil from Orlando Magic signed a deal with Jive. Did you know Compton has its own encyclopedia. YBT added a black MC. Saw em on Soul Train. Wack-ass Lorenzo got to do two songs, but YBT only one...politics. Me Phi Me opened for Sade At Universal Amphitheatre. The first couple of songs were ok, but after #8 and 9 I started to notice a resemblance to a cross between PM Dumb and a Hari Krishna. New artist note: short and sweet (3 songs) is always better than long and boring. Sade kicked *ss. Sweet as cherry pie! The Bloods and Crips are “Bangin On Wax” (Dangerous). Don’t know where to get a copy though. Caught Kriss Kross on Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous... rapper #3. Some dude wanted pain killers at USC Hospital, and didn't get em fast enuf so he shot up a few docs... or could it have been “El Mariachi.” I wanna buy Yella’s tommy gun from the latest NWA video. Buy NWA’s home video (with special one-second appearance by photog Sue Kwon) and Luke’s now, before they get banned. Yes, producers of the 90’s are still using James, just a little differently. Check Mama’s Funk on Straight Up Records, outta Melbourne, Australia. Also No Concept “Help Us We’re Dope” on Fang. LA’s new star radio, “NO Rap” 98.7 can kiss my butt. Yeah, no rap, no hard rock, just bullsh*t. I heard a song on VJB that goes “I’m an asshole, yes yes I’m an asshole...” so I made up my own offensive response that goes a little somethin like this, I’m a scrotum a hairy hairy scrotum. Da man Russ Lg in St. Louis said the funniest thing that happened at last years Impact Conv was when Tom Silverman paged Mr. Bob Dobalina on the intercom. Here’s the word of the week - “brandishing,” as in the youths were brandishing a 9mm pistol. Now, can you say brandishing? Did you see Mr. Rogers on Arsenio? That was one of the first times I watched Arsenio since 06 Style and Tim Reid II were on. Fresh Prince was on the cover of TV Guide. They call him “the next Bill Cosby.” Eric “Vietam” Sadler has a new production co. called Street Element #212-226-4002. They’re currently shoppin groups like Ooto Behavior, Punk Barbarians, and Blue Black and Brown. What’s happening to pop? Ozzy’s skinny, Bon Jovi cut his hair, Debbie Gibson’s sexy (??)... and rap is kickin all their butts. LA just got a subway called Metrolink. Here are some comments on the AMA. I’m wondering if the doc who did Mike Jackson’s nose saved the rest in a jar or somethin. Saw Def American/Nasty Mix’s Shockmaster Boyd chillin in the 5th row with Sir Mix-A-Lot. Congrats to Mix-A-Lot. Pork Butt Roast is on sale at Ralphs for 99 cents a pound, better hurry. It was ironic to see Tipper Gore shakin her rump at the MTV inaugural ball. Someone shouldda censored dat ass out the door... a shooting at a LA nursing home last night is thought to be gang related... LA has been officially declared the “Bank Robbery Capital of The World.” They should put that as the slogan on top of license plates. You know like Jersey is “the Garden State”... yeah right. Now LA has Gang Bangers in the joint grooming dogs. Thank God I have a job. It’s not only the recession the unemployed have to deal with, but they are also subjected to endless trucking schools, asinine talk shows, and motorcycle lawyers on p.m. TV, and what’s up with funginail? By now you’ve heard about the Jack In The Box deaths due to a fece bacteria (??) in hamburger meat. But my dad was at McDonalds and a pigeon flew through the door and landed in the French Fry Vat...Does every song now have to have a standard “shabba” breakdown? I know I said it before and pissed a couple people off, but I’m startin to hate Reggae again... almost more than Techno! And watch out for the latest controversial movie from Gangsta Limp Films, follow up to “Attack of the White Boyz With Goti’s,” called “Invasion of the Cannabinoids” not coming to a theatre near u! ________________________________________________________ Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine #20 (June 1993) Gangsta Limpin by Funken-Klein Keep it good in the hood. MF’s are gonna have to wait in line to go to hell in L.A. Recently, 1) a mother put her baby in the freezer for 4 hours, 2) a little boy was set on fire, and 3) a young pregnant lady was jacked at a pocket teller and stabbed in the stomach... both victims died. Checked out highlights of the Who’s the Man premiere at the Chinese theater in Hollywood, starring everybody included: Flav, “Can’t do nuthin’ for ya,” Treach ripped live, Eric B and Guru packin’ serious black steel, LONS, and Dre and Ed’s psycho commander. Saw Pooh, the new fly DJ on VJB’s St. Ides commercials. Ed and Dre were rappin’ (??) that night on Arsenio. Think they shouldda convicted all the lawyers in the Rodney King trial. Boo Yaa Tribe is in the new Janet Jackson video. Hip-hop photog Sue Kwon is pregnant, video director Dave Perez is the father... that sly dog. Neneh Cherry moved to Brooklyn and got mugged. You’ve heard all the politicians’ plans for ’93, but the Funken-plan has two main steps: 1) Teachers and cops get a raise which 2) is deducted from the unreasonable amounts being paid to our slimy brethren in the movie and music business. Shout out to the mentally blessed Luke Sick of Below the Manhole, “the original hip-hop flyer.” No more rap shows at Magic Mountain ‘cause of a mini-riot at a TLC “rap” show... well, Source said they were. Called the Beatnuts’ 800 hotline to tell Juju he should scratch up “ju ju baby” from Shalamar’s “Make That Move,” but the number didn’t work... nuts! Heard Mike Tyson is now Malik Abdul Aziz, and Zimbabwe Legit are now Tha-Bang. Arsenio and Schwartzeneggar sponsored an ultra-mellow anti-riot song called “Chill...” yuck! Don’t know how people get CD and video mail packages open. There’s the 2 pieces of Styrofoam glued together kind, the standard snug-fit box with 2 rolls of packaging tape, and the worst, the ones with the pull-string that sprays asbestos all over your shirt. Saw Lindsey’s man John Travolta in the hall the other day. Also saw a TV ad during dinner time for a creme that “relieves anal itch relief...” mmm. Go Rockies! What the heck is this RuPaul (no relation to David Paul) super model (Tommy Boy) nonsense... Albee? The Captain (Carasov) says the PM yawn kid got beat-down again at a CB4 party in L.A. by his girlfriend with a chair. Someone else said he had to do a belly-flop on her. Shadow has a new record out, (Soul Side)... yo! Seen those new platform sneakers yet? Saw the Prince concert at Universal. He did “Sexy MF,” “When U Were Mine,” “Irresistable Bitch,” and other good ones. Ready to jiz in your drawers? Polygram-Mercury has these incredible funk collection CD’s coming out! Confunkshun, Kool & the Gang, Parliament, Barkays, and Cameo... you know my address Jeff. Congrats to Coolio and Crackerjacks, duespayers who just got record deals. And f*ck Mr. Magic’s criminal ass for life. Did I see Beastie associate Rickster in the audience on Donahue, or am I on some of that new improved sh*t? Barney sucks! My man Chappie has a new ragga record out in Japan, Who, on Far East/Columbia. Did you know the hottest selling record in Moscow is “Impeach the President.” I don’t know whatzupwityou... special R.I.P. shoutout again to NYC club/rap promoter Beasley. I saw his mom hold up his picture on TV. Also to Pee Wee/Mandingo again, from Red Alert prod... Source edited me last time. Pee Wee was the originator of the Mandingo sexual encounter. I’m startin’ an alliance of labels that would never put out some sh*t that goes, “oochie coochie la la la,” LNPSOCL for short... damn! All Bomb readers check yourself - do you clap on the 2 and 4 beats, or 1 and 3? And now ya know. ________________________________________________________ Bomb Hip-Hop Magazine #21 (July/August 1993) Gangsta Limpin by Funken-Klein R.I.P. to Subroc of KMD. And I second what B-Wade said about gettin’ what you can outta every day. You’re healthy and alive... and I know. Guys look kinda broke -ha, ha. Duece finally got a real Daisy Dukes video featuring the Raiderettes. Paid in full. Me and the E spent the weekend downin’ banana splits at the Hard Rock in Vegas. I housed the silverware. I have a new idea for a radio station: “All day, all night, all drum solos.” I’d listen. I read that LL’s “Pink Cookies In a Plastic Bag Being Crushed By Buildings” is about a dream he had. So here’s my title: “Guys In Orange Suits and Helicopters Crashin’ in New Jersey.” Geez, I just heard a techno mix of “Baby’s Got Back,” and I just came up with titles for three Miami bass hits in five minutes: “Wave the Booty Baby,” “Do It, Do It On Your Knees,” “Yo Puddy-Puddy Stank.” Oh well, whatever pays the rent I guess. Here’s a new unit


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