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Imposition Studio 483: A Powerful Tool for Creating Print-Ready Layouts from PDF Files

Increase the processes and the output of your in-house print finishing department with the Aerocut G2. The Aerocut G2 is an air-feed, all-in-one finishing system capable of slitting, cutting, creasing, scoring, and perforating. The air-feed system allows for a wide range of stock including gloss, laminated, UV coated, and large format to be creased without cracking, as well, it works in conjunction with the self-correcting cut mark registration function to ensure an accurate cut every time. The control panel is accessed via a large, colour touch screen - 263 pre-programmed and 90 custom program jobs are quick and easy to set up. There is also a flex mode available for storing up to 30 odd-sized programs. The G2 includes a density sensor for true double detection feed, and 3-try reverse re-feed in case of double feed - both functions designed to save time in any job order. Other features of this automated system include a 5-poisition crease depth adjustment lever, standard cross-perforating unit, adjustable paper magnetic guides, and a business card collection tray that snaps into place. It is compatible with most popular page imposition software programs, includes self-sharpening blades, is mounted on heavy-duty locking casters, and the machine will not operate if the safety access cover is not in place. The Aerocut G2 can perform a wide variety of jobs including brochures, business cards, post cards, greeting cards, CD jackets, etc. It is truly a system designed to enhance your print finishing department - contact us today to place your order.

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 largely silenced the protests. Tensions mounted again in May 2020 after Beijing's decision to promulgate a national security bill for Hong Kong. More than a hundred people, including several prominent activists, have been arrested since the imposition of the law. The resulting political atmosphere, along with the crackdown on civil society, sparked a wave of mass emigration from the city.

Civil society faced a crackdown by authorities,[173] which triggered a massive exodus from Hong Kong. Pro-democracy activists and lawmakers were among the first to leave the territory; the first wave of emigres also included young professionals, as well as families whose parents wanted to have their children be schooled with emphasis on independent critical thinking.[174] More than 89,000 Hongkongers left the city in a year after the national security law was imposed, and the city witnessed a record 1.2% drop in population.[175] Schools were shrinking as parents feared "brainwashing" "patriotic" education be implemented,[176] and tens of thousands applied for British National (Overseas) visas after the UK government unveiled a new immigration path for passport holders.[177]

Some radical protesters promoted the idea of "mutual destruction" or "phoenixism", these terms being translations of the Cantonese lam chau. They theorised that sanctions against the ruling CCP and the loss of Hong Kong's international finance centre and special trade status (caused by China's interference of the one-country, two systems principle) would destabilise mainland China's economy, and therefore, undermine the rule of the CCP and give Hong Kong a chance to be "reborn" in the future.[283][284] They believed that further government crackdown would ultimately speed up the process of lam chau, ultimately hurting the regime.[285]

Carrie Lam continued to push for the second reading of the bill despite a mass anti-extradition bill protest, saying that the government was "duty-bound" to amend the law.[523][524] She had previously rejected meeting the protesters, believing that such meeting would have "no purpose".[525] Following the 12 June conflict, both Police Commissioner Stephen Lo and Lam characterised the conflict as a "riot". The police later backed down on the claim, saying that among the protesters, only five of them rioted. Protesters demanded that the government fully retract the riot characterisation.[526] Lam's analogy as Hong Kong people's mother attracted criticisms after the violent crackdown on 12 June.[527][525]


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