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Alaska Airlines Buys Virgin America

From April 25, 2018, passengers could only see the Alaska Airlines brand online and in airports, and would redirect to Prior to the brand cutover, livery repainting of Virgin America's Airbus aircraft began in January 2018. Additionally, the interiors of the Airbus aircraft underwent refitting with seats similar to those in Alaska's Boeing aircraft from September 2018, in another project expected to take several months to complete,[45] with the first aircraft refit and unveiled in early 2019.[46] The last plane wearing the Virgin America livery, the one that operated Flight 1948, was repainted in Alaska Airlines livery on June 2, 2019.[47] Following the completion of the repainting of Virgin America's aircraft, instead redirected to Virgin Group's website rather than to, and Virgin America's social media profiles, such as its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube were subsequently either merged with those of Alaska Airlines, had their accounts closed, or otherwise had their content largely removed.

alaska airlines buys virgin america


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