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The game occupies 130mb of your drive, if you choose your options well, and requires a minimum of 20mb. As far as game options go, we have all the usual goodies -- lots (and I mean LOTS -- over 200) of teams, both domestic and international squads, season and cup play, a team and player editor, multiplayer modes galore, and no way to configure the controls (What's wrong with you, EA Sports? Why can't we reconfigure the pad buttons? Pretty please, for next time?). Training matches now have defensive objectives, 3D card support is good, and the opening is sub- FIFA98 -standard, which is no surprise since that one was simply out of this world. Perhaps the most interesting improvement in the features section are the IGM (In-Game Management) and IGT (In-Game Tactics) options. The former allows you to switch between preset formations on the fly, while the latter lets you execute nifty maneuvers such as offside trap, again on the fly. That latter bit adds some more depth to an already amazingly rich game, and once you get used to it, it can come in handy.


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While the PC game already offers eight races from Blood Bowlworld (from a selection of more than twenty races), players will bepleased to know that the Dark Elves will be available as a freedownload this November. The full game will also be available as adigital download, and in most stores in a special version of thegame called the "Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition". This edition willfeature the entire Blood Bowl game with the addition of the famousDark Elves. 041b061a72


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