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Line Kill Spirits - Line Shooting Spirits - Doujin Fighting Game Tournament Cheats

Makarov crosses his arms as he reminds himself that since Fairy Tail Team A and B united during the Grand Magic Games tournament, it has been rather hazy as to which team came out on top in their private bet, and concludes that the time to settle which team gets to dominate the other for a whole day has arrived. He restates the rule: the losers have to do the bidding of the winners for an entire day. Full of confidence, Laxus stands in front of his team as Cana, Juvia and Mirajane cheer for him from the sidelines, with Gajeel instructing him not to lose. Erza, however, apologizes and claims victory for her team in advance, with Natsu, Gray, Lucy, Wendy and Elfman telling her to give it her all, afraid of what the monsters of Team B might force them to do should they lose. Stepping up and getting ready, Laxus and Erza settle the dispute with a game of rock-paper-scissors; Erza draws scissors whilst the former crushes her with rock.[62] Makarov announces Team Fairy Tail B as the official winners, and soon lets them have a go at picking who they want to punish for the rest of the day as Team A sulks over their defeat.[63]

Line Kill Spirits - Line Shooting Spirits - Doujin Fighting Game tournament cheats

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