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Joseph Howard
Joseph Howard

Danika Luiza Model WORK

Canon EOS 6D MarkII, ISO100, f/6.3, 1/125s. 85mmLow key, loop lighting technique. Black background lit with the lowest power and strobe pointed ground. Key light set at 45º above the model. I used snoot light modifier so the light was more focused, not diffused. Image was edited in Lightroom were I did basic correction. Then I opened it in Photoshop for detailed retouch and got back to Lightroom and adjusted colours.

Danika Luiza Model

I found background that would go well with model. I was looking for stripes pattern. Image taken at the same focal length as the portrait 70mm and at the same level. I focused on a couple steps in front of the fence, so it would be like a model was standing there and fence looks soft, while model is sharp. I adjusted colours for more warm tones. I think that look really good. Natural light completes my composition.


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