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Kutumb Serial All Episodes Download [CRACKED]

P meets hiten and yash and tells them to come along with him to that persons house. they go there and asks a person where he lives. he shows them but the door is locked. P is told ki woh kahi village gaya aur kab ayega pata nahi. P is irritated and thinks ab mujhe kisi bhi tarah proof lana hoga . p's father tells him to go to delhi for some work and he says yes but when he tells g thats he has to go. she says that she is not bothered. he can go where ever he likes. but in the next 2 months if he does not get any saboot, she will leave. nothing else basically in kutumb, pratham goes to anus hotel room and yash and hiten take a camera and look from the next room photographing the both. pratham enquires anu abt how they met and so on but no avail of any info. then he says if you are my wife, i can do anything i want to do with you. so he cathes her and they fall on the bed and he tries to touch her physically so that he can take some information from her. she then says that she is not his wife and vanshita is not his daughter. this is all taped by yash and hiten the all three of them take the tape to gauri. when they put it on there is no voice. and as they are watching it, gauri sees the scene where prathan and anu fall on the bed and suddenly the tape gets bad and does not work further. gauri thinks that pratham tried to rape anu and says that now the truth has come out. i dont need to hear anything else. get out. and she leaves. then gauri, yash and hiten are on the terrace when gauri tells them that they are his friends but they should not believe in whatever he says. they have a right to care for him but they should care abt her feelings also. suddenly pratham comes and she leaves. so he tells them crying that i dont know what to do. anu is playing with my life and gauri does not lissen to me. then he wipes his tears and says that there should be at least one way i can find out the truth and open anus secrets and the serial gets over in the clippings they showed that yash and hiten have gone to a college and ask the peon for something. then p is talking on the phone to some one. g and her mother in law and aunty are sitting and talking. and in the last scene p is talking to an old guy. p is in delhi and comes out of the hotel he is staying and starts driving in his car. he will be thinkin hi kaam ek din ho jayega to kya woh V jo address batayi woh sahi hei. and thinking so he wont see and suddenly an old man comes under his car. all the people gather and scold him and ask him to come to pollice. but that old man is ok and he says nahi uski koi galti nahi hei mei ne lights ko on hote nahi dekha . and P says thanx to that old man and says ki woh use unke ghar chod dega. P says to that old man ki koi hospital jane ke liye that old man takes P to his family doctor. and that old man is ok and doctor says him to take few pain killer tablets. P is very much grate ful that old man and drops him at his home. P while entering the house reads the name and sees saigal and thinks anu ne bhi apna surname saigal bataya and thinks iska bhi saigal hei and goes inside the house. P says that old man to take his pain killer tabs surely and says that he has to take them now only then that old man says anu meri beti aise hi thi . and P is shocked to hear and asks anu saigal . the old man says yes.and P says anu woh jo bombay mei padthi thi . p says ki woh kaha hei then old man says ab woh mujhe chod ke bahut door chali gayi. use mare huve 2 saal huye.and p is shocked and thinks ki anu jo V ko layi hei woh sab kuch natak kar rahi hei. he comes out and thinks ki agar G yaha ayegi to woh apni ankhon se sab kuch dekh sakti hei. he rings up hiten and says him some work to do. hiten and yash give money to the peon in the college and ask anu sehgals admission form for taking a xerox copy. but some man in brown suit is watching them. they take a zerox copy and the man follows them and see what they r doing. here g brings juice to mummiji who is in the hall. then mummiji says G mei tumhe apni beti manti hoon aur tum mujhe apni maa abhi tak nahi mana. g says aisa kyon keh rahe hei mummiji . then mummiji says g tum bhi P ke saath delhi jana chahti thi na sanskruti ki shopping karne ke liye. g is shocked and says aisa kuch nahhi hei then umesh mittal comes and says ki P ko 2 din rukna hei tum bhi javo P ne phone kar ke bataya. mummiji says haan G ab kuch nahi sunna hei mujhe tum shaam ki flight se delhi ja rahi ho. g thinks P mei to tumko dekh loongi. here P is waiting at the airport.p thinks that ab G ko woh uncle ke paas lejayega tab sab kuch saaf ho jayega. then suddenly both dadi's come and p asks G kaha hei choti dadi says G ko khud se jyada mujh pe bharosa hei. P becomes sad ki G nahi ayi. and he rings up hiten and asks if the xerox copy is ready and says ki woh aaj hi a raha hei. here anu rings up G and g says ki woh use nahi mil sakti hei and G says anu ghar mei sab log v ki parents ke bare mei puch rahe hei so plz tum v ko apne saath rakho. and says P a raha hei mei V ko uske saath bhejti hoon. and keeps down the phone. here anu gives a wicked smile keeping the phone dow. p comes near G and asks G tum kyon nahi ayi delhi then G says mei yaha tere saath nahi reh sakti to tumne kaisa expect kiya ki mei waha aoongi. p says its ok and shows G the admission form of anu saigal and says yeh asli hei and jo tum jise anu samjh rahi ho woh koi aur hei. then G goes and brings one envelope and shown that a admission form with anu photo and says to yeh kya hei. and says P tum yeh sab karna chodo . tum nahi sudroge. P is shocked to see that admission form xerox with anu photo. he meets hiten and yash and scold them ki woh kuch bhi kaam thik tarah se nahi kar sakte hei. then p says thik tha mei ne anu ki uncle ka phone number le liya hei. p says yeh anu humse ek kadam bahut age hei. then yash says P tum G ko uncle se phone pe baat karvao. then this problem will be solved. p says yeh and goes home. here v is in hall and chahi comes into hall and asks v tumne yeh sab saman pack karke kaha ja rahi ho. v says apni ma ke paas. chachi wont beleive and says nahi to v says aap g aunty se hi puch lijiye. p comes home and asks g tum anu ke uncle se baat karo. anu 2 saal pahle mar chiki hei. g says P ab tum yeh natak bandh kar. p shouts kyon tum baat to karo. g is angry at him then p cools down aand says g plz tum baat to karo mei itni mushkil se saboot laya hoon. and g is about to say something the serial stopsssssssssssss. clippings r g and P and v near the car and g is saying something to p. g is near anu rooms door and gives v to anu. p and hiten and yash in a hotel and they r discussing something. its night and 3 of them (p ,yash hiten) back of a tree and watching something slowly. p asks G to talk to anus uncle on phone. g dials the number and anu's uncle lifts the phone. G asks if it is anu's uncle he says yes then G says mei anu ki friend bol rahi hoon kya aap PM se mile hei . he says indino mei aisa naam ka koi admi se nahi mila.then G says ok and keeps the phone. here side by P is standing and smiling. he says to G ab to yakin ho gaya na ki mei then G says jhoot bol rahe ho. agar 100 jhot milenge to pm banega and says woh so called anu's uncle to tumhara naam thak nahi janta hei.and G goes away. here P trys to stop G but he wont. here in the hall v and chachi and chahu r talking to V and G comes and says V shall we go then chachu says to G yeh tum ne hame bataya nahi ki V ki parents aye hei. then G says woh sirft kuch dino ke liye a rahe hei toh woh V ko airport mei hi milna chahte the .and they give V some gifts and G thinks aise kitne sare gifts V ne miss kiye honge jiske woh hakhdar hei. and P says he too will come to the airport and G says nahi mei chali jaoongi then chahu says nahi P bhi apne dost sse milna chahta hei . and all of them r going in the car and p puts a slow song then V says plz zara fast song lagaie na. then he changes the cassete.and P says G woh anu really thenG says mei V ke samne koi baat nahi karna chahti. they come to the hotel and P says he will wait near the car for her and G says no need tum chale javo. P calls hien and yash to meet him in the restaurant. here g goes into anus room and says Anu bus kuch dino ki baat hei and goes away. p meets yahs and hiten in the restaurant and says ki woh uncle bhi mujhe pehchanne mei inkar kar diya . ab kisi bhi tarah anu ki asliyat janana chahiye. then hiten says ki woh graveyard chalenge kyon ki anu waha ayi aur unhe kuch information mil jaye waha se. p says agar woh anu ka relative hei we can get that addressom the church. they go and hide behind a tree.anu comes and puts the flowers prays and goes away. after she goes they go and read the name its written Anthony gonsaves. the next day they ask the father ki woh kisi anthony ko jante hei and unhe chitti deni hei. father says wednesday ko ana mei unki chitti unke relatives ko paunchaoonga. p hitan and yash r in a hotel and P thinks ki he is telling G real name of anu is catherene and g says meikehti hoon ki uski naam nanda bai hei. and just P comes to his concious and says agar mei G ko kahoonga ki anu ki naam chatherene hei woh nahi manegi. koi pakka saboot chahiye. and here at home choti dadi is givving all the sarees she bought to everyone. umesh mittal says g ki P ko mere kamre mei bejh dena. here p says koi bhi admi ko apni ek kamsori zaroor hogi bus hame anu ki kamzori pata chale then sab sachai bahar ajayega. then hiten says p uski kamsori hei and P shouts at hiten. then P says v anu ki kamsori hei. they plan something and p says ab ki baar koi gadbad nahi honi chahiye. and the same person who followed hiten and yash in the college for admission form is in hotel sitting there and listening to these 3 guys. suddenly p moblie rings and g calls him and calls him home immediately. p comes home and goes into the hall then choti dadi calls him and gives him 4 sarees and says tum g ko dena aur kehna tum kaye ho. p takes them and gives it to g and she says accha 2 mere liye aur 2 anu ke liye. p says stop it yeh choti dadi ne diya hei.p says mujhe yahi sab kehne ke liye bulaya kya then G says nahi babuji ne tumhe bulaya. g says ab choti dadi ko beech mei kyon late ho.and says ab mujhe koi gift dekar mujhe manana chahte ho to yeh tum nahi kar sakte. p says G tum pyar ki matlab bhool gayi ho shayad. g says emotionally !!nahi P bhulane pur majboor kiya tumne. agar hum mile huve hei aaj to sirf mummiji ki wajah se. aur hum dono ki bandhan ek ghant (knot)ki tarah bandhi hui hei. jab yeh tutegi to khul jayegi. p then says mei aisa hone nahi doonga . mei use tootne nahi doonga and goes away from the room. anu and V go to a shopping complex and r shopping. there yash and hiten follow them. then V asks anu to get icecream for her and anu goes to get her . then yash and hiten go near V and say her they will buy icecream for her and take her from there. anu comes and sees that V is not there and asks the people over there ki usne ek choti bacchi ko dekha hei ki nahi. she is tensed where V is . here v makes hiten and yash buy her icecream and asks for something else and hiten takes her to buy that .and while hiten is busy talking with that seller V goes somewhere. and he takes someother girl with him and there people think he is baccha chor and fall behind him. he runs for help and hiten and yash run away from there and they think v is lost now. here at home P goes and talks to his father about some business deal and G brings tea for them and says to babuji she will get him his tablets and goes away. then p goes out of the room and he gets phone from yash and hiten they tell him V is missing and p shout at them ki usne bahut mushkil se V ko kidnap karne ka plan banaya aur unhone V ko miss kardi and switches off the phone. he turns and sees that G hear the whole matter and P is says dekho G mei ne jaroor V ko kidnap karne ko kaha lekin V pata nahi ghoom ho gayi. G just walks away from there without talking to him into Umesh mittals room. she gives tablets to umesh and he asks G kya huva tum aise kyon ho she says kuch nahi babuji and goes away. p alsoo goes behind her. here they come in front of their room and p says G dekho then immedialtely G catches P 's hand and takes him into the room and says P mei kuch nahi janti. mei tumhe 1 ghanta deti hoon . uske baad V anu ke paaas nahi pahunchi to tum hawalat jaoge aur mei dekhloongi ki tumhe zamanat nahi mile. and suddenly P's mobile rings . its the kidnapper he says ki woh V ko chodega pur 5 lakhs milne pur. p says G ki kisine V ko kidnap kiya aur 5 lakhs maangraha hei. G wont beleive and says bus tumhe sirf ek ghata deti hoon . abd she goes away. P is very angry. he goes and meets yash and hiten and scold them. he says ki kidnapper ka phone aya aur usne 5 lakhs manga hei and says mei 5 lakh abhi abhi kaha se laoonga . babuji ne business ke kaam se mujhe 5 lakh di hei aur mei use dedunga nahi to G zid leke baithi hei ki agau V anu ke paas anhi pahunchi to woh sab ko sab kuch batyegi. and here Anu phone G and says V is kidnapped. G asks Anu ki usne police mei complaint di hei ki nahi. anu says nahi. then G says dont worry V mil jayegi. and after keeping down the phone G thinks aaj so anu tumhari aur meri hisab barabar ho gaya . tum ne mujh se chupayi ki tum V ki maa ho aur aaj mei ne yeh baat chupayi ki V ko kidnap kisi aur ne nahi balki P ne kiya hei. and here p si with yash and hiten then his moblie rings and the kidanpper says a place to give money . yash and hiten say to P ki woh jayenge sirf yeh last chance dede unko. then yash and hiten take the money and go to that place. the kidnapper says to give him money and they ask where is V. he tells them ki agar use paise milenge to woh V ko uski mom ke paas pahunchayega. they tell they want to see V and then A car comes and in that anu and V r tied pattis to their eyes. they give him money and go away. here p is at home and babuji rings p and says tum paise leli na . P says yes and kehta hei ki woh jayega business deal ke liye, he thinks bus 5 lakh to mei ne us kidnapper ko dedi ab mere paas sirf 30000 hei 5 lakh kaha se laoonga. and suddenly G comes into the room and phone rings. G lifts it and anu says her ki V milgayi . and says V ne kaha ki use P ne kidnap kiya hei. then G says thik hei bus chinta karne ki koi zaroorat hei. then she keeps down the phone and P says her G ab tak bahut misundestandings huve mei ne V ko kidnap nahi kiya. then G says just keep quiet. P jab mujhe pata chala ki anu V ki maa hei mei to anu se baat kana nahi chahti thi . aur ab woh V ko anu se door nahi dekhna chahti hei. and P says nahi G then she says bus P just get lost and goes away. here P is very angry and says mei us Anu ko to dekh loonga. clippings. g talking with mummiji and g is at her moms place and her family members r with ehr. some party is there and P and G se chachi is saying something. and P is talking to some people who came to the party.

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