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Fifa12 Config.exe

What is fifa12 config.exe and How to Use It

If you are a fan of FIFA 12, the football simulation game developed by EA Sports, you might have encountered a file called fifa12 config.exe in your game folder. This file is a configuration tool that allows you to customize your game settings, such as graphics, audio, controls, and online options. In this article, we will explain what fifa12 config.exe is and how to use it.

fifa12 config.exe

What is fifa12 config.exe

fifa12 config.exe is an executable file that is part of the FIFA 12 game installation. It is located in the FIFA Setup folder, which is usually found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 12 or C:\Program Files (x86)\EA Sports\FIFA 12. You can also access it by right-clicking on the FIFA 12 icon on your desktop or in your Start menu and selecting "Game Properties".