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Oliver Lee
Oliver Lee

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I don't mind the ilok and prefer it to putting question and answer registrations in. The only bad thing is that it has been cracked I bet the team who done it are very happy with themselves ilok2 has been rock solid for a ages. I wonder what they are going to do to combat this situation ??

ilok virtual dongle crack cubase

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Typical firms like avid etc have a different reality, and I think people should pay a fair price for a fair product. Fair also means not being so annoyed that you remove unwanted software from your pc (iloks etc.), That is also ethical and your right. Piracy is another matter. It would greatly depend on where you got such software. It's not right to support piracy in general, even if the software companies in questions are assholes. But there is a huge mitigating difference between a for profit only bootleg outfit, and a crack grp that works for free, citing an attempt to correct negative behaviour, with the implication that nobody is interested in doing it now, and the only thing such companies will listen to or understand is a spank to their income. While you could rightly argue that you are saving microsoft from the dangers of having too much cash, it is not the case with smaller firms. It is a decent argument, and add the fact that having said activists is a safeguard against further lockdown or worse is also valid. But it will never be completely ethical, since the extent of your actions are unknown; a large enough loss of revenue could cost an innocent person their job etc.

We are talking about the recording section of the music industry... should be plenty of microphones floating around, if not, most people have some kind of smart phone. What could it be? why not implement an easy to use voice recognition system that ties your unique voice to an account. Most of this exists. Voice control--imac, ex. iphone" siri, open app hot date find cool place to impress woman i fancy" for example. remote voice recognition is here. "imac, open protools, and that ratty wave app i heard so many complaints about'. voice or text response-- processing, while request is sent to verification HQ, which sends back a one time random, unique phrase (no cloning or recording) for user to say. gets recorded, sent off for recognition and analysis. decent system, and internet, done in 10-15 seconds. There are some very good voice analysis technologies out there that are almost impossible to fool, colds, voice changers have all been tried and had poor results. This system would learn your voice even better everytime you used it, kind of like dragon dictate. and you could take your account with you to any place you would like to use it. harder to lose, impossible to crack, no dongle to make, and distribute, repair, no passwords to forget...pretty sure there is prior art here, probably a few expired patents, so royalty free also. only skill and will are needed...

I think a fair compromise would be to allow multiple dongles/licenses. Almost every Ilok protected developer offers two to three activations. Cubase is already one of the last standing uncracked programs, and we live with the nuisance of a dongle because of it. How about a bit of give and take, Steinberg?

I have 5 dongle, four are cracked or just have covers falling off. I use mine mobile when doing sessions and also performing. I wish yamaha would come up with a device that is sturdy. I have 2 iLok and have never had one fall apart. Its sad that this happens

Companies with some of the best plugins on the market routinely require the physical dongle, as hardware copy protection is a lot harder to crack than software. This is why Steinberg requires the physical eLicenser for Cubase Artist/Pro (which hasn't been cracked since v5).


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