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[S2E16] Smoking In The Girls' Room 2021

The fathers' waiting room at the hospital is outfitted with a candlestick phone without a dial. For businesses with a central switchboard like a hospital, this type of phone often remained in use throughout the 1950s, despite being replaced by desktop rotary telephones for residential use. The waiting room also permits smoking and Ricky nervously lights up (probably a Philip Morris cigarette) while waiting for the big news. It wasn't until 1993, 40 years later, that smoking inside hospitals was banned by a Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO).

[S2E16] Smoking in the Girls' Room

The nurse goes to get some coffee for her. As Sarah waits, she finds a roommate on the other side of her room, named Dana. Dana tells her that she arrived in the sleep clinic when Sarah was sleeping. She says that she may have insomnia due to chronic disorder that was caused by eating problems. She refuses to give up some of her vices, like smoking, when she is receiving treatment.

Back in her room, Hobson finds cigarette butts on the window sill, and thinks Sarah has been smoking. Sarah tells her that she quit smoking years ago as she had too much excitement in her life. After the nurse leaves, Sarah finds a hanging object on the window. Dana arrives and explains to her that it's a dreamcatcher that catches nightmares. Dana also mentions the cleaner with the neck tattoo, a guy called Hector. She tells her that she got some sleeping pills from the nurse after being caught with the cigarette butts, which is what she wanted. Dana thinks that Sarah's running away from something that she doesn't want to deal with it. Sarah has heard a saying that if someone dies in dreams they die in real life. Dana asks Sarah if the bad guys ever caught her in the dreams. 041b061a72


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