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Soundsoap Pro Torrent

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Soundsoap Pro Torrent

Peak is now available in several 'weights' and with differing bundled content. Peak Pro XT 6 packs the biggest punch: as well as Peak Pro 6 itself, you get BIAS's SoundSoap 2 and SoundSoap Pro noise-reduction tools, the Reveal analysis tools, PitchCraft pitch correction, Repli-Q 'fingerprint' equaliser, the SuperFreq paragraphic EQ and the Sqweez three- and five-band compressor/limiters. Both the standard Peak Pro 6 version and Peak Pro XT 6 also come with SoundSoap LE, Reveal LE, WireTap Pro, SFX Machine LT and a one-year membership to, plus a new selection of sound effects and other audio content from Hollywood Edge, Sound Ideas, Power FX and AMG. The more affordable Peak LE, meanwhile, dispenses with some of the more advanced Peak Pro features, but is still very powerful. A table outlining the full differences between the three versions is available at This review covers the top-flight Peak Pro XT 6 package: for more on the bundled plug-ins, see the SOS reviews of BIAS's Master Perfection Suite (July 2008: /sos/jun08/articles/biasmps.htm) and SoundSoap Pro (February 2005: /sos/feb05/articles/soundsoap.htm). The LE versions are identical to the stand-alone versions, except that they can only be used within Peak and not within other DAW applications. 350c69d7ab