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Bogdan Gusev

Axiom Verge Original Soundtrack Download For Pc [pack]

This is a list of video game soundtracks on music streaming platforms. In the 2010s, the music industry began moving into a more subscription-based music streaming model to help offset years of losses in revenue often attributed to the rise of illegal downloading in the 2000s.[1] While this helped the music industry see increased revenue for six straight years moving into 2021,[1] the video game industry has largely been slow to adapt to the medium when it comes to video game soundtracks.[2] This is especially true of Japanese video game companies like Nintendo who has not only not adapted to the model, but actively targets users who upload unofficial soundtracks to sites such as YouTube.[3][4] Below is a list of video game soundtracks released on major music streaming services, such as Apple Music or Spotify.[5]

Axiom Verge Original Soundtrack download for pc [pack]



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