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Bogdan Gusev
Bogdan Gusev

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Money Pro 2.0 Crack Mac Osx

Business used to try and get people to pay for software updates saying the new features were worth paying more money after the initial sale. Office 360 is a big example of changing for something over and over again so as to keep the revenue stream going. Like Agilealtitude said, I too was turned off at the word subscription. It's a dripping faucet that makes software cost way way more in the long run than what it would cost up front. I don't "subscribe" to any software, and watch VERY carefully what re-occurring payments I make.

It is very important that the primary purpose of this tool is to allow us to create better work. We want to iterate on it and make it better as we learn more from the process of using it. It is important that we are motivated almost exclusively by the betterment of our work, and not by making money. We will make money from creating great stories, not selling overpriced niche software.


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