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Tamil Kuthu Songs: The Ultimate Collection of Tamil Folk Songs on

Tamil MP3 Kuthu Songs Free Download A to Z

Kuthu songs are a type of folk dance and music genre that originated in Tamil Nadu. They are known for their fast beats, catchy tunes, lively lyrics, energetic dance moves, colorful costumes, and instruments. Kuthu songs are very popular among the rural people of Tamil Nadu as a form of entertainment, education, and expression. They are also widely used in Tamil cinema and music industry as a way of showcasing dance skills, comedy scenes, action sequences, and romance. In this article, we will explore what are kuthu songs, why are they popular, and how to download them legally.

tamil mp3 kuthu songs free download a to z


What are Kuthu Songs?

Kuthu songs are a folk dance and music genre with an emphasis on percussion performed in Tamil Nadu. The word kuthu means punch or hit in Tamil. The term kuthu can refer to either terukkuttu or kattaikkuttu. Terukkuttu means street performance or procession. Kattaikkuttu means overnight performance or fixed stage. Both forms involve singing songs with dance and music in storytelling the epics or other themes.

History and Origin of Kuthu Songs

Features and Characteristics of Kuthu Songs