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Download Among Us and Customize Your Character and Settings

Among Us is a paid online multiplayer game released in 2018 but gained a massive online following in 2020. Developed by the team at InnerSloth, this game offers hours of fun in a minimalistic gaming environment. Part of the social deduction genre, the game takes place in a spaceship and consists of crewmates and one imposter. The task is to find the imposter before they end up killing everyone.

download the game among us

Among Us is a multiplayer video game where 15 random players find themselves in a spaceship or alien headquarters. Each player is assigned the role of either being a member of the crew or an imposter. Players can create a party of up to four people at any given time and join the game. You can also play the game online or on a local Wi-Fi connection.

The game takes place on a spaceship and offers three levels. Players move around this alien ship using basic forward, backward, right, and left movements. Each player must move from one room to another, completing tasks without giving others any reason to vote them off. Only when a player dies can the crewmates talk and call an emergency meeting to discuss and remove a suspicious player.

If the game has 15 players, you can choose to have more than one imposter. Doing this makes the game fun and sends crewmates on a wild goose chase to pinpoint the killers. Additionally, dead crewmates turn into ghosts and can sit back and watch the rest of the game play out.

The imposter in Among Us is a role assigned at random to any one of the total 15 players. The remaining players enter the game as crewmates. In the game, the imposter is a shape-changing alien that looks like the other crewmates but is only there to sabotage the ship and kill all players.

In Among Us, the characters embody crewmates aboard a spaceship that falls victim to a mysterious and perilous imposter. These humanoid creatures possess a rotund physique and don full-body spacesuits in different colors accompanied by compact backpacks. In this game, you will encounter a diverse cast of 12 characters, each donning a unique color

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