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Edgar Nikitin
Edgar Nikitin

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Katie Berrell, Pam Am Flight 103 Remembrance Scholar, Syracuse University: When you make the commitment to be a Scholar, it\u2019s not just for the week\u2014you are a Scholar forever, essentially, you are a part of that community. But while it\u2019s about the students and the people who died and mourning their loss and coping with that as a community, it\u2019s also about acting forward in their memory and educating people about, you know, what\u2019s going on in the world. This isn\u2019t something that\u2019s just happening far away from us; it\u2019s not something that\u2019s gone away 30 years later. It\u2019s still happening. And I think that\u2019s the really important message that comes out of it all.

Girls Forever (845) mp4




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